Each island in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas share many common characteristics. They are home to beautiful blue waters, tropical weather, scenic beaches and upscale resorts. However, each island also has its own unique traits. Some islands are primitive with no modern conveniences, whereas others are full of shops, restaurants and hotels.
The islands were ranked in order of their activities, sights, beaches, food and overall value.

From the alabaster-white beaches of Bermuda in the north, to the cactus-clad inland deserts of the ABC Islands in the south, to the windswept bays and surf reefs of the Dominicans in the east, to the jungle-clad peaks of Cuba and the Antilles in the southwest, The Caribbean has long been a treasure trove to visit and visit. Adventure and leisure, centuries of colonial history and fascinating Arawak culture, West Indian spice and European cuisine flair, honeymooners and climbers, affordable backpacker hangouts combined with some of the world’s most exclusive hotels , there is something for every traveler.

Let’s take a look at our list of the best Caribbean islands to visit at less once in your life:

1. Jamaica


Start your visit on the Jamaican north reinforcement, where fine white beach run their way along the seacoast from the ivory stretches of iconic Seven Mile Beach, past the sheer- cut Negril escarpments, through the luxury uber- resorts of Montego Bay, around the gushing Dunn’s River Falls, and out to where notorious James Bond Beach gives way to the jungles of Ocho Rios in awards of swaying coconut triumphs, juniper backwoods, mangrove and tamarind.

2. Turks and Caicos


Turks and Caicos may not be the Caribbean’s oldest island, but it certainly has the best beaches. The scenery is stunning, with turquoise waters fringed by white sand and palm trees; as you explore, you’ll come across lagoons and isolated coves with palm-fringed sands. Locals and tourists alike pack their flip-flops for swims in deep green lagoons formed when clear seawater flows into the coral reefs around them.

3. St. Lucia

Bubbling volcanic springs and mud pools have forever sculpted and transformed the interior of the islands around Soufriere. Here, visitors will discover the beautiful bay of Anse Chastanet, hidden among cliffs, promontories and coastal waterfalls.

The northern part of the island continues to offer beautiful scenery such as the golden powder of Reduit Beach and the fortified fort of Pidgeon Island National Park, home to a fort built by the British during the Seven Years’ War.

4. Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda, named one of the Caribbean’s most lovely islands, is a rich fix of earth amidst the Leeward Islands. With its dark green palm backwoods and white-sand sea shores, Antigua is both normal and welcoming. On location attractions incorporate staggering limestone bluffs and iron-age petroglyphs that date back millennia. Explorers will likewise need to make a beeline for Shirley Heights Lookout for all encompassing perspectives over Falmouth and English Harbor

5. US Virgin Islands

A famous hub for yachters, the triplet of Saint Croix, Saint John and Saint Thomas, along with incalculable more modest bits of rough land like Water Island, Thatch Cay and Hassel Island, offer up a pick and blend of little bays and bluff supported channels to investigate by boat. Then, at that point, there’s Salt River Bay, a verdant sprout of mangrove timberlands that spills into the cobalt blue and really submerged corals of Buck Island Reef.

6. Dominican Republic

From the influencing palms and rough bluffs of Los Haitises in the east to the old mines and dusty trailheads of the Sierra de Bahoruco in the west, the riding focal points of Cabarete and Puerto Plata in the north to the never-ending suburbia of Santa Domingo and its corresponding pilgrim treasures in the south, the Dominican Republic has a lot of stunts at its disposal! Generally speaking, the masterpiece is Punta Cana, where portions of white sand run along the windward coast like sparkling strips in the twilight, accentuated simply by a periodic extravagance resort, its boundlessness pools butting up right to rollers of the Atlantic.

7. The Bahamas

The Bahamas associate the Caribbean with the seaside ranges of the United States – and all the more explicitly, the Sunshine State of Florida.

Since the late eighteenth hundred years, these shimmering cays and shoals have been gotten together with the Commonwealth. The British made a state here subsequent to expelling groups of marauders and privateers from the shores, leaving the exquisite neoclassic looks of the Bahamian Parliament and the juggernaut walls of Fort Charlotte afterward.

8. Cayman Islands

Join grinning local people, fluttering jeopardized ocean turtles, blossoming apparition orchids, multi-shaded iguanas, and the absolute most extravagant society to at any point raise houses on the edge of the Caribbean Seas on the threesome of isles that structure the Caymans. Enveloped among Cuba and Jamaica, it’s not really shocking that these sun-kissed spots look like it.

There are lovely sea shores, going from Seven Mile on Grand Cayman (one of the most famous) to the immaculate, ocean growth dressed sands of little Cayman Brac.


Where other Caribbean islands are about extravagance resorts and custom tailored mixed drinks, planner brands and wealthy lodging suites, Haiti is more around a certain something: experience.

This portion of Hispaniola experiences positively had its difficulties, from pulverizing tremors to rebellions, yet that can’t change the rough precipices and palm-bordered sea shores of Jacmel, nor the turquoise-blue waters of Labadee, where voyage transports currently moor by their thousands.

10. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent is the head boss of its eponymous archipelago, shaken like a pepper pot to deliver the unfilled and detached compasses of the more modest Grenadines toward the south. Furthermore, what a top dog it is! Clad in wraps of emerald rainforest, it has biodiversity to match anyplace in the Americas: hummingbirds flutter between red orchid blossoms; cascades crash through tropical dells; turtles and dolphin units wind past one another in the midst of the dark blue waters.



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