Venice is the most beautiful city of Italy if not the entire world, due to its fabulous locations, amazing vistas, and other characteristics. it has a population of about 258,685 people.its is a unique place of its kind in the world, also called so many names like city of water, Queen of the Adriatic City of Bridges, The Floating City, City of Canals… This renowned tourist destination in northern Italy is always crowded all the year, It’s a fantasy with all of the canals, beautiful bridges, and streets.

Venice is considered to be one of the most popular tourism attraction places in the world,

here are some informations and stories about places you must see in Venice city during you visit:


Venice is based on water and around 300 scaffolds are available there which is the explanation of the prominence of Venice traveler can’t visit every one of the extensions in a single day or simultaneously and it is likewise impractical for us to make reference to each of the 300 extensions here however we are introducing top most famous extensions of Venice. Its scaffolds are one of the main elements of the city of Italy.

Rialto bridge

the oldest of the four Grand Canal bridges in Venice. it has been restored several times Since its construction as a pontoon bridge in 1173, it is now a popular tourist attraction in the city.

Ponte Dei Pugni

The Ponte Dei Pugni, known as the Bridge of Fists is another well-known bridge in Venice. by its name , the past of this bridge is shrouded in mystery. the story says that the War of the Fists took place in the last four months of the year around the 17th century, Rival clans would assemble in large crowds to fight their opponents with their fists, with the purpose of tossing their adversaries into the sea below.

Bridge of sighs

the story of this bridge talk about individuals who went by the Bridge of Sighs, which was erected at the beginning of the 17th century, gave it its name. Those who crossed the Bridge of Sighs were suspected of committing a crime, and it was likely that they would face a lengthy prison sentence as a result.

Ponte Della Paglia

The Straw Bridge or Ponte della Paglia, connects the Castillo and San Marco districts. this bridge was built in the year of 1360 s and refurbished in the 1800 s. its name originated from what transpired nearby: boats would dock near the bridge and load straw to be transported to other sites.


There are about 177 canals in the beautiful city Venice the most  other famous canals here is the S shaped canal who is seen like if it splits the city into two known as grand canal, it is 5 meters deep in the water unlike most of other canals that are between only 1.5 to 2 meters deep on average. 


Venice is also well-known for its yearly carnivals.

Carnivals are yearly events conducted in Venice, Italy. the carnival celebrations begins In 1162. It is a celebration of the Republic of Venice’s victory against its adversaries. human beings of Venice accrued in Saint Mark’s Square to bounce and have fun of their victory, Since then Venetians have been rejoicing in the streets.

Carnival is a huge winter event celebrated throughout Italy, with traditional masks, costumes, parades, music, sweets, and local customs.. all traffic can be immersed in a one of a type surroundings that only Venice can give, allowing them to partake in the authentic Festa and its customs. Carnival today is one of the most well known celebrations in the world, it is an annual event where thousands of tourists gather from all over the globe flocking to the streets and squares of Venice.



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