Msemen is a Moroccan pie. Moroccans have mastered in presenting it in different forms. The Msemen is served as a snack with tea or in breakfast with coffee. Also, Msemen can be served as a kind of salted in the form of Msemen, stuffed with chicken, vegetables or fish. To prepare Msemen or stuffed chives.

Ingredients for the Moroccan msemen crunchy

Dough ingredients

Half a kilo of Fino flour

Half a kilo of fine flour

Salt according to the dough

A quarter of a teaspoon of instant yeast

Warm water for kneading

We knead the dough well until it becomes coherent. We knead the dough well until it becomes cohesive, then we make small balls of it.

Filler ingredients

Chicken strips cut into small pieces or a can of tuna fish to taste

Two grains of grated carrots into small portions

One onion, cut into very small pieces

Chinese noodles

Garlic salt black pepper

Mozzarella or Adam

Olives, like a section of small circles

Yellow eggs to spread

In a frying pan, put a little table oil and put the small chicken pieces, add grated garlic, salt and pepper, leave it for a little, then add the onion slices, leave all until ready, then remove it.
Take grated carrots and put them in a skillet to cook with salt, garlic and pepper
In a bowl, put the Chinese noodles and pour hot water on it until soft, then filter it
In a bowl, we collect all the ingredients that have been cooked and prepared and add to them grated cheese and a little powdered thyme

How to prepare

We take a dough disk, spread it with oil and butter on the work surface and form squares as shown in the picture

We extend the obtained square a little and put a little of the prepared filling in the middle, then collect the sides and decorate with a piece of olive

Brush the surface of the Msemen square with egg yolk, sprinkle with sesame and put on

We take a tray greased with oil and then enter the oven for cooking


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