A short novel: an empty memory
The Beginning – Part 1

September has always been the most beloved month to my heart; It is as if I am reborn every time September comes. I know the reason for my attachment to him, perhaps because he is very similar to her; It reminds me of her and her little details. I introduce myself to you. I am Yassin. I am 37 years old. A medical graduate of Syrian origin. We moved to Canada because of the war. My father’s dream was to become a surgeon. I worked hard to achieve his dream, but unfortunately he died before I graduated from university. A father’s death is one’s true brokenness; This was exactly how I was after the death of my father. I felt broken and weak. I became like a small child who needed sympathy; The presence of a father in one’s life is essential, you may not feel his value until you lose him
Today the world celebrates New Year’s Day 30 December 2018; But this date for me is the memory of my beloved father’s loss; The date remains just a number, only memories give meaning to that number. It may reflect a person’s happiness or unhappiness. The clock indicates 10 before midnight. I finished my shift in the hospital. I went home to take a rest before returning to the shift again.
Yassin: Good evening, dear mother, how are you?
Mother: I’m fine, son, did you finish your work?
Yassin: No, not yet. I will be back in a little while. I just wanted to rest a little bit away from the hospital atmosphere
Mother: I know your work is hard, but it’s okay
Yassin: Well, I will rest a little in my room. Uh, where is Nahla?
Mom: She’s in her room, she probably fell asleep
Yassin: It is strange that Nahla does not sleep early, well, I will take a look at her, good night, mom
Mom: Good night, son
After checking on my little sister, I went to my room, the hours passed quickly and I woke up from a deep sleep; then I went to the hospital; my job is to save people and give them hope. It doesn’t matter how and when; the important thing is that you are forced to instill hope in the patients. When I arrived at the hospital, I ran into someone for a long time. I thought we would never meet again. This moment was with an arrow stuck in my chest. I tried hard to overcome my tears and not show my weakness in front of her, but I was not able For doing that, seeing her there awakened my pain
Yassin: Hello, how are you?
Noor: (with a harsh look) Hello, I’m fine, and you?
Yassin: Fine, I see that you are working here
Noor: Yes, I moved
Yassin: Well, good luck
Noor: Thank you
“I didn’t give up and I didn’t walk away. Everything was strange. I tried hard to keep her by my side, but I didn’t succeed in that.”

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blank memory part 2

“I tried to ignore the pain and focus on my work; even though we work in the same place, I have to overlook everything because my work compels me to do so.”
Wissam: Yassin, will you allow me two minutes of your time?
Yassin: Of course, what is there, my friend?
Wissam: I really don’t know how to say this, but your sister is in the hospital
Yassin: What do you say, Wissam, I left my sister at home, usually not her
Wissam: “Knock on Kathfi.” I know your sister very well, my brother. It is her
Yassin: “I felt dizzy due to the news. I tried to control myself and went to the ambulance to find something I did not expect to happen.”
Dr. Esmat: Yassin, I ask you to calm down. The situation is very serious, but I promise you that we will do everything in our power to save her.
Yassin: “Suddenly the atmosphere became strange as if I was at a funeral for the people closest to my heart; tears overcame I tried to cover my feelings in front of them; and not to show my weakness.” How did this happen? He told me
Ismat: I really don’t know. All I know is that the ambulance took her to the hospital
Yassin: How do you not know, my brother, that she has not been examined?
Ismat: Yes, but;
Yassin: But what did you say that you scared me?
Esmat: Can we talk alone?
Yassin: “I became increasingly prosperous. I tried as much as possible to hide this. We went to the meeting room.” Well, come on
Ismat: What I’m going to tell you is very serious, so I ask you to calm down
Yassin: Ok, speak quickly
Ismat: Your sister tried to commit suicide
Yassin: What how why? My sister can’t do something like this
Ismat: But she did, had your mother not called the ambulance, she would have died now
Yassin: “That moment was one of the hardest moments of my life. I couldn’t protect my only sister. I couldn’t recognize her pain. I couldn’t stop her from giving up her life. We almost lost her. I’m the reason for everything.”
Ismat: Yassin, you are a strong man. Do not give in to what happens. You have to be by your sister’s side to overcome her crisis
Yassin: Basically I am the reason for everything I was not by her side, I will never forgive myself
Ismat: Don’t do this to yourself, brother. The fault is not yours. Our profession requires us to stay away from our loved ones in spite of us. Knowing what your sister suffers from is not an easy thing, especially since most hours of the day are spent in the hospital. Do not tire yourself with this. Please calm down.
Yassin: Well, where is my mother?
Ismat, her pressure went up a little, she’s in the room 600
Yassin: Is she okay now?
Ismat: Yes, she has improved. You can check on her if you want
Yassin: Well, thank you, brother, for everything
In these moments I knocked on the door that I always tried to forget and complete my life without her, but it seems that fate has another opinion

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Memory_Blank Part 3

Our priorities change over time. We stop getting attached to things that were almost yesterday held the keys to our happiness; Do you think we are older to that degree? Or is it the pain that has grown with us? Noor was a candle that lights my life She was a star shining in my heart I don’t know how and why but I’m the dumbest man on the face of the earth because I gave up on her that easily
Nour: Hello, sorry for the interruption
Ismat: No, my love, you are welcome at any time. I was about to call you, basically, Yassin and I finished our conversation
Noor: Ok, I’m waiting for you outside
Esmat: ok baby; Yassin, my friend, I will leave you now, I will return later, but please calm down, your sister may wake up at any moment. Stay by her side, she needs you
Yassin: Well, don’t worry
Ismat went; the moment I knew their marriage was like an arrow planted in my heart, I never expected that she could fall in love with another person, although I abandoned her, but I never forgot her love
Raghad: Yassin, what is the matter that you are talking to yourself?
ran ?
Yassin: I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you’ve been here. How long have you been here?
Raghad: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-w-ha-imon-what-what’s-what’s-why are you talking to yourself are you crazy or are the patients the reason you lost your mind
Yassin: Stop saying silly things, I’m not in the mood to joke around
Raghad: Well, has Earth moved to Saturn?
Yassin: I’m going now. You’re really silly and I don’t have time to waste with you. Take care of the sick instead of taking care of me
Raghad: No, my dear, I won’t care about anyone but you, you know I adore you
Yassin: Raghad enough, see you later bye
Raghad: “Of course I will stop, but not now. I will stop when I do what I have to do about you, my love.”
As for Nour, she went out to eat with her husband.
Ismat: What’s wrong, my dear, I see that you are not well
Noor: Nothing, I’m a little tired
Ismat: Hmm, no, you are not tired. Yassin is the reason for those looks
Nour: Ismat, stop this man. He no longer means anything to me. You know very well what I lived through because of him. You know that I pulled myself together with difficulty. Never say that nonsense again
Ismat: These are not absurdities. You did not see yourself how you were looking at him
Nour: Are you aware of the words that you say, I am your wife, your wife, man, what is this shameful talk to think of such a thing.
Ismat: I am not accusing you of anything. I am only telling the truth. You are still in love with him, whether you like it or not. Sorry, I cannot continue this marriage.
Noor: Are you aware of what you are saying? You abandon me for baseless trifles I’m not that bad;

Ismat: Sorry, tomorrow I will start the divorce proceedings. Good night

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Part 4

What are you saying Esmat, you must have lost your mind
Ismat: On the contrary, my senses have regained their senses. Haha, I am more balanced than ever, and I mean what I say. What was between us was just a lie. I tried to convince myself over and over again of the opposite, but I decided to put an end to this marriage and continue with my life.
Nour: What about me, do you simply abandon me, why what did you do?
Ismat: Believe me, I say it is better for us. I am fully aware of every word you said
He said this and turned his back on me as he had never done before. He did not leave me a chance to justify or defend myself, so whether I deserve all this; Ismat is a man of high pride, his feelings must have been greatly broken to go like this without leaving room for discussion
Nour went home to take her bags because her presence in that house had become meaningless; Nour did not want to believe what Ismat said about the truth of her feelings towards Yassin. She did not want to confess her love to someone who abandoned her and left her in the middle of the road. Only a few minutes have passed since she reached the house; Ismat is sitting in the living room looking at the newspaper and sipping his usual cup of coffee. He is present in his body only; a body without a soul that is Ismat without light next to him; Nour feels bad about Ismat, feeling that she unintentionally hurt his feelings and without even knowing it.
Her husband, with whom she shared the years of her life, was a support for her when everyone abandoned her. Their relationship was full of affection and mercy. She tried to approach him and apologize for any misunderstanding that occurred from her, but it seems that it is too late…
Nour: I’m sorry
Esmat: No response.
Nour: Believe me, you have always been for me the ideal man. Believe what I say, I don’t care about Yassin or anyone else
Ismat: No, Nour, I do not have the right to hold you accountable for your feelings. You are not responsible for what is happening. Perhaps the mistake was my fault from the beginning because I was aware of your feelings towards him and you were frank with me about everything; I tried to convince myself that it was a matter of time and days would be enough to erase those feelings; I tried hard to overlook your coldness towards me; For your cold, dry gaze, like winter; But today I decided to stop this, I decided to be honest with myself. You are in love with Yassin and no one can change this fact. Accept this, Nour. Our relationship is over and there is no way to undo this…
Nour: Please don’t do this. You are just delusional. Don’t end this marriage for an illusion
Ismat: I wish with all my heart that this was an illusion. Unfortunately, this is a bitter truth….
As for Yassin, he spends his time waiting for his sister to wake up. He remained by her side until morning came
Nour entered in the meantime to check on his sister, as she was her patient. She kept watching Yassin and remembered how he fell asleep on her shoulder; for a while she smiled a foolish smile.
Noor: What are you doing you idiot wake up from this stupidity
Yelcin: “Wake up from a deep sleep.” Good morning, Dr. Noor. Thank you for your concern. I’m here to take care of her. Don’t worry.
Nour: This is my duty and this is my patient. There is no reason to thank you “firmly.” I think you need to rest. If you go home to rest a little, you can’t work like this, oh, by the way, there is something I have to tell you. I don’t know how to tell you this, but on what; Your sister was pregnant and aborted her baby. We tried to save them both, but we lost the baby
Yassin: What do you say, “Yasin went crazy, almost lost his mind, pulling her shoulder.” Say that this is not true.
Nour: Yassin, don’t stop. Calm down. Please show that you haven’t woken up yet. Stop
Yassin: Are you aware of what you say my sister is pregnant? I am pregnant. How is this possible?
Noor: I am aware of one thing that you are nervous and you have to calm down so that we can talk
Yassin: “hit the palm of his hand against the wall.” How is this possible?
Nour: I know the whole story. If you keep calm and sit down, I will explain everything to you
Yassin: Ok, I am calm. Please talk to what?
Nour: Your sister was having an affair with my brother
Yassen:???? Stop it, I don’t want to hear more, I’ll kill her and put my mind at ease
Nour: “I held his hand. Yassin did not expect her to do something like this.” Please stop this nonsense. You are angry. Go home and rest. Then we will talk about everything. My brother is ready to fix everything just calm down everything will be fine
Yassin: You have changed a lot, you know that
Nour: I know change is a necessary thing. But you haven’t changed, you’re still the same as you are stubborn, nervous and impulsive
Yassin: Hmm, I don’t know, maybe
flash back years ago
Noor: My beautiful darling, I miss you
Yassin: Are you free this evening?
Noor: Yes
Yassin: Well, I would like to talk to you about an important topic

Ok, let’s meet
Yassin met his girlfriend and he was all pain for what he had to tell her.
Yassin: Good evening
Nour: Ahhh, what are these formalities? What is there? Are you sick?
Yassin: No, but the topic is important. I want to talk quickly
Noor: Ok, please
Her smile at him made his heart bleed, but he was forced to take that step, there is no turning back
Yassin: You know how much I love you, and you know that I can’t live without you, but I want us to be separated
Noor: Ha-ha-ha, you’re not good at acting next time, ask a friend to teach you the techniques of doing pranks
Yassin: “Hold her hands” I’m serious, I’m not joking
Nour: “She smiles with tears in her eyes” But why? I don’t believe this Tell me you’re kidding Please don’t do this to me I love you I can’t live without you
Yassin: Me too, but I am forced to do this
Nour: Who forced you to abandon me? Why would you do something like this? At least tell me why. I have the right to know why you left me.
Yassin: Believe me, I can’t tell you anything. All I can do is leave here without return
Noor: Where are you going??
Yassin: I don’t know
Nour: Damascus is your eternal love. How can you abandon me and her so easily? Tell me why you are doing this Yassin. Nothing can separate us. Tell me please.
Yassin: Believe me, I can’t, I’m sorry, bye
He went without justifying his abandonment of her. He left her lost like a bird with broken wings. He abandoned her and their love. He let her mourn her luck and live in pain that is hard to go away.

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Part 5

Mother: Pregnant how?
Father: Ok doctor, welcome
Doctor: Thank God for her safety, by permission
THE FATHER: Gather yourself, madam. Neither the time nor the place is suitable for this;
Aziza: How can you be so calm, man, how is it not your daughter?
Father Hussein: Yes, but after what you did, she is no longer like that. I do not have a daughter with these manners. This is not my upbringing, oh loss. My upbringing is in you, oh Noor, oh loss.
Aziza: Why did you do such a thing? Why? Couldn’t she protect her honor for the weeks about to marry why did she let him desecrate her honor before he became a husband
Hussein: Shut up, I don’t want to hear this nonsense anymore. I’m going home. I don’t want to see them in my house anymore.
Aziza: “She got down on her husband’s knees and started begging him not to do this to his daughter.” Please, Hussein, do not do this. Please, please, do not allow the devil to encourage you to do this. Do not give in to your anger.
Hussain: I said Satan, haha, please don’t make me laugh, leave me my decision, I will not back down from it. I do not have a daughter named Nour.
Najwa: Please dad, don’t do it, where are you going, please?
Hussein: You go to the one for whom you gave up our honor
Aziza: “With firm looks, I will not allow you to do this to my daughter.
Hussein: Then you will accompany your beloved daughter to the street, my dear wife. Do you like this?
Aziza: How can you be so hard-hearted?
Hussein: You must thank God that her brother is out of the country, or else you would ban your daughter’s funeral tomorrow morning at the latest.
“Father Hussein went home, he cannot be blamed for his reaction. He is a father, and he feels that his daughter, whom he always thought, does not give up her honor and does not give it up to a creature suddenly surprised by the news of her pregnancy; he went and Najwa and her mother were waiting for Nour to wake up.”
Aziza: “Tears never leave her eyes.” Did you see what Nour did to us?
Najwa: I can’t believe
Aziza: How could she do this to us? Did she not pity herself? Did she not think about our reputation, even for a moment? How did she allow the pleasure of 5 minutes to forget the torment of years that would await her? Did you know this?
Najwa: It’s never true. She used to tell me everything and was very excited about the wedding, but she never told me that she had surrendered to him before the wedding date.
Aziza: It’s really weird, I don’t know what to do
Najwa: There is a solution
Aziza: What?
Najwa: We call Yassin. He solves the problem himself. Isn’t he responsible for everything? Then he finds a solution that makes my father forgive Nour for her actions.
Aziza: You’re right, call him to come
Najwa: Ok, I will call ????
Yassin does not answer his phone.
Najwa: Strange does not answer
Aziza: Of course, how will he respond after I did it?
Najwa: The wedding will come in a few days, don’t worry about it
Aziza: That is if he does not back down from marriage
Najwa: How, why would he back off?
Aziza: Did he not take what he wanted, why would he continue, so the like-men do not continue after what happened, understand this, my daughter
Najwa: Don’t judge a man so quickly, Mom. Yassin loves my sister very much
Aziza: “Bakry, I am not satisfied.”
The nurse: madam, your daughter woke up but she is not speaking. I asked her several questions, but she did not answer
Aziza: “Let’s Najwa” I saw your experience that I am not comfortable
Aziza went to see her daughter; her daughter is in a state of shock that is difficult to overcome.
Aziza: How dare you do this to us?
Najwa: My mother, my mother, “holds her hand.” Do not do this. The girl has not recovered yet. Please calm down.
Noor: What did she do? A dry tear fell from her eyes. She tried hard to hold herself, but she couldn’t. He left me. He abandoned me without explaining why. He left me in the middle of the road. I will never forgive him.
Aziza: “Let’s Najwa.” Didn’t I tell you, go ahead, listen, come with me
Nour: What is going on, what did you do, why am I here? Tell me what is happening
Aziza: We’ll be back soon
Najwa: What, mom, what’s wrong with your mind?
Aziza: She does not know that she is pregnant. How are we going to tell her about this and the bastard abandoned her? I am afraid that she will commit suicide or something like that.
Najwa: I don’t think Nour doesn’t think like that, we have to tell her
Aziza: Where am I going with her? I heard what your father said. He doesn’t want to see her at home
Najwa: How about you go to Aunt Samiha?
Aziza: Your aunt and her daughter can’t stand Nour, I can’t ask her to go to her
Najwa: What are we going to do, mom, if we don’t find a solution quickly that will throw the girl into the street
Aziza: Well, I’m thinking. Don’t pressure me. Basically, she is the one who should think of a solution. What was she expecting from him when she did it? She gave him herself something obvious that he should abandon her. He is an Arab, an oriental Arab man, not an American or British retarded, stupid. I thought she was a smart girl, but she disappointed me, but I must think rationally. I will not leave room for anger now. I will hold it to account later. I think you’re right I’ll call your aunt but what am I going to say she knows the wedding is in the coming days how am I going
He justified our going to her, and the catastrophe in all of this is that Noor must stay there for days and perhaps months, during which time her stomach will grow. Oh my God, what is this calamity that has befallen us.
Najwa: Mom, don’t get upset, let’s think rationally. Hear what I’m going to tell you. You will tell my aunt that Nour is coming. Tell her that she is anxious because the wedding date is approaching, and she wants to stay alone, away from the atmosphere of the house. Meanwhile, I will talk to a friend of mine. May God help us with travel procedures.
Aziza: Travel? I said travel, how?
Najwa: You don’t have to, call my aunt first, I’ll tell you the details later
“Aziza called Nour’s aunt and agreed with her on everything.”

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Part 6

Najwa: Did you tell her?
Aziza: “Sadly.” Yes, I told her
Najwa: When are you going and how will we convince Nour to go?
Aziza: I will; I will tell her that she should move away a little to rest so that Hussein will not feel anything because he is nervous. The important thing is that Nour has brought us into a problem that has no solution; What are we going to do about canceling the wedding oh my god
Najwa: Ok mom, don’t do this to yourself. We will find a solution. Please, your pressure will rise
Aziza: Ok, go home, get your sister’s clothes, come on
Najwa: Ok, I’ll go
Aziza: “I went into Nour’s room in the hospital.” Stop crying, it won’t help anything
Nour: Why are you talking to me so harshly, my mother? This is not my fault. He who decided to break off the engagement decided to abandon me. I have no fault in what is happening.
Aziza: “Angrily” but to you; I ask forgiveness of God, my Lord
Nour: I feel that there is something under your tongue. What do you say, Mom?
Aziza: There is nothing that sleeps, Bakri, from me
Aziza left Nour in her confusion and sadness, until the morning of a new day, Aziza told her daughter the news of her going to her aunt.
Nour: Are you crazy, mom, that I can’t go to that scorpion and her daughter, have you forgotten what you did to me in the past?
Aziza: We have no other choice
Nour: I can’t believe that my worries are not enough. I wouldn’t go to that snake I’d rather die than this
Aziza: You will go, my daughter. You will go. Believe me, I thought a lot. We do not have another solution. You will only stay there for a few days, please.
Nour: I do not believe, my mother, by God, I do not believe; ok ok as you want basically i don’t care about anything wht ever am i going now?
Aziza: Yes, now the taxi will come soon
Noor: Ok
Nour carried her bags and made her way to a house on the one hand that protected her from gossip and on the other hand torturing her soul. She reached the house of her aunt who was waiting for her, her husband and daughter next to her;
Noor: hello
Aunt: Hello my niece, how are you?
Nour: Fine, how are you?
Daughter: fine, be aware of me, Nour, you light up the house
Nour: “With heavy steps” to where?
Aunt: Let the girl take a breath first. What do you say, my daughter? What is wrong with you? There is nothing bad, God forbid.
Nour: What do I want to be in, Auntie, as my mother told you?
Aunt: You did it right, my daughter. Go with your cousin in the room, flatten your nose so that you can rest your head a little
Nour: I will see you, thank you for everything
Nour went to the room to sit by herself, but her cousin did not seem to leave her.
Nour: You can leave me alone for a while
Hoda: No, of course, no, I will not leave you alone until I understand what happened to you.
Nour: This is the basis that you and I have a lot of company with you. You are talking about a grandfather
Hoda: Shame on you, we are a family, even if
Nour: okay, walk, you can close the door and see you, I want to sleep, please, I mean
Hoda: It’s okay, but the first time you wake up, you want to tell me everything
Noor: Ok, lock the door and see you
Nour slept rather trying to escape her pain by sleeping, but it seems that even sleep refuses to fulfill her request. She could not sleep easily; she woke up exactly four hours after the evening prayer.
Huda: Go with a girl, enough sleep, we want to have dinner
Nour: live what I want
Huda: Get enough sleep, I won’t leave you until you get up
Nour woke up after Huda insisted
Noor: What do you want???
Huda: Is this a case of a person who is about to get married?? What’s wrong girl, talk
Nour: Nothing, I’m fine. Are you waiting for me to become your girlfriend or something?
Hoda: Well, I understand, you don’t want us to be friends, basically. I’m not trying to do that, but at least tell me what’s wrong with you, not in the name of friendship, but in being my cousin.
Noor: Oh, very convincing. My head hurts, get away from me and shut the door
Hoda: Does it hurt you so much??
Nour: You wouldn’t even imagine if I told you it was a mortal pain
Hoda: Ok, I’ll get you a sedative
Noor: I don’t want to. I don’t like sedatives
Huda: I didn’t ask you to drink it because you love it. You will drink it because you are in pain
Nour: Why do you treat me well, even though I do not treat you well?
Huda: You can say that I am used to your behavior; I will come in a little while
“Noor started vomiting symptoms of pregnancy, but she still does not know anything about the subject.”
Huda: Open your eyes, Noor, are you sick?
Noor: I will open; I think I’m a little sick Where’s the painkiller
Huda: Here he is, come to bed; Drink this, you’ll feel better
Noor: Ok, welcome
“I drank the light of the medicine and fell into a deep sleep, did not wake up until morning”
Aunt: Huda, call this idiot, don’t you get enough sleep, is this too long?
Hoda: Let her sleep, she is sick
Aunt: What is it?
Huda: Yesterday she was vomiting and her head was hurting
Aunt: This is Dalal Aziza, just wait a bit, I’m coming
Hoda: Don’t do it, mom, there’s no need for this now
Aunt: “You opened the door to the room hard.” Aren’t you going to wake up, bride? “Bring a glass of water, Clint. This is the traditional way an aunt wakes her niece.”
Noor: What are you doing? Are you crazy? How are you doing this to me?
Aunt: Ah, we apologize for the inconvenience.
Noor: What do you want from me, I don’t care what time it is, lock the room door and go
Aunt: What did you say?” Aunt Noor grabbed her hair; Nour did not expect her aunt to dare do such a thing;
Huda Huda
Hoda: What’s going on mom?
Aunt: I do not want to see the face of this idiot at home. She will stop this indication of her. Go to her and make sure she wakes up after her
Do you clean the house and the bathrooms, did you hear what I say?
Huda: Ok, but hide it from the girl for a while, mom
Aunt: My soul is from what
Nour could do nothing but cry; crying for her life and for everything that happened to her. She no longer knew what would be sad. Her life turned upside down; she woke up from her sleep against her will.
Nour: I have a more severe headache than yesterday, would you please bring me the medicine I drank yesterday, I got better after drinking it
Hoda ok I’ll get it

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Part 7

“Huda brought medicine to Nour, the headache is increasing day by day”
Huda: Take a drink, the pill will be fine after a while
Nour: Ok, I feel like I’m going to die very seriously. I am in pain
Hoda: At the request of a doctor
Nour: In your opinion, did you leave me room to sleep in order to leave me room to see a doctor? Forget, there is such a thing
Huda: For you, by God, she is Hababa, she is a little nervous, not more
Nour: Of course, sure, what is your mother at your age? I saw something. Someone said about Emo, the opposite of this. They beg you to come out and close the door and see you I want to flatten a little
Hoda: You are something wrong with me; You can sleep two days after each other without feeling the same way as you are, to be pregnant, girl
Nour: What are you doing? Get out, better. I can’t let you go
Hoda: We went out, but I didn’t say anything. I said, but what did you see? Well, don’t look at me like that. I’m going mainly to my university.
Nour: Mneeh Tala’i
Hoda went to university, and Nour kept thinking about how her life had turned upside down overnight. The wedding was a few days later. She was about to marry a man she loved; You find any reason, for a week ago he was very excited about the wedding, he talked a lot about the little details, he didn’t seem to have any features that might make her suspect that he didn’t want her; what made him suddenly leave her and expose her to gossip The human tongue is like a sharp knife Your blood flows without pity and no Mercy”
Noor: I’m the idiot. How did I surrender myself to him so easily, why did you do something like this, Noor? Suddenly Noor started feeling nauseous; she vomited again. She began to have doubts about what Huda said. current; Even if he did, I deserve how I did something like this to myself and my family for a villain who doesn’t even deserve a look. I deserve everything that happens to me; You did this unforgivable. You turned my life and my family’s life into hell. They must have become aware of what’s going on. Yesterday I was in the hospital. If there was really a pregnancy, the doctor wouldn’t forget about something like this. You destroyed yourself, Noor. You destroyed your life. You ruined everything. Fuck the fun of the ten minutes that spoiled eternity.
Nour kept blaming herself for what happened. It is said that love is blind. Yes, this is true. The lover’s eye is blind to the faults of the beloved. But Nour regained her sight and woke up from her slumber that lasted for years. She thought for years that Yassin would not abandon her, he would protect her from everyone, even from himself, but he was the first to plant a knife. in her heart without pity
Nour: Oh my God, what a strange headache. Why is it getting worse? What will I do? I am in pain. Where is the pill that Huda brought? Damn there is no medicine what am I going to do I will call her answer the phone you idiot answer fuck you
Hoda: Yes, my beloved cousin, I see that you could not stay even two hours without me. What is there? Speak
Nour: Listen, my head hurts a lot more than yesterday, where did you put the pill you gave me yesterday?
Hoda: “Stupid, what’s wrong with you now, ooof?” I don’t know, ask my mom
Nour: You know I can’t, please tell me where you put the medicine
Hoda: Well, shut up. I will come in a little while. I know that you are useless. You will not find anything at all; sorry my love I’ll go see you tomorrow
Alaa: How did you become such a company, you and your cousin, tell us to see what is the secret of this company
Huda: For you, my love, there is no company or anything. She came to us to prepare how many days she had. I don’t know what she did. I understood that she had settled something misfortune, and her mother asked that she stay with us for how many days. He said: She is tired and wants to rest from the tension of the wedding.
Alaa: Haha, I know you are going to reveal it
Huda: Of course, what do you know about Huda? Or, rather, the one who will become her nut
Alaa and Carmen: It is not possible for you to guide you, Al-Aqraba, a light for you.
Hoda: eh? I don’t know what I liked about it; But, by God, I feel that there is something. So, how are you sitting or how do you think about your intruder? This is one person who will get married after two days. Sure, the important thing is that I’m going to shake my head. These stupid phones are so sweet, sweethearts…..
Hey girl Shobak, holding your head like this
Nour: I told you that you are sick. What do you think of the gloom, I mean?
Hoda: No, I didn’t just say that. Wait, I will give you the medicine, now you will be fine
“Huda brought medicine to Nour”
Nour: Thank you, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to disturb you, but the pain was severe. I tried to ignore it, but I couldn’t
Hoda: You don’t have to; Do you know who I saw today at the university?
Nour: Who is Najwa my sister?
Hoda: Not your fiancé
Nour: “The features of her face changed and she tried to draw a fake smile on her lips to hide the sadness that Yassin caused.”
Hoda: Hmm, but he doesn’t seem fine, and I didn’t see you talking on the phone; What is going on between you, did you have a disagreement?
Nour: No, Huda, nothing happened that you imagine. Basically how am I going to talk to him Didn’t you see that your mother took the phone from me by force;
Hoda: Hmm, you’re right, I’ll return the phone to you. I promise, don’t worry
“Aunty calls for Huda”
Hoda: I’ll see my mom and come back soon
Noor: ok
Aunt: Hoda, what is that idiot doing?
Hoda: Leave her, she is sick;
Aunt: sick? What’s wrong with this idiot. I don’t like anyone. Listen to what I’m going to say. Your brother will come today. He has two weeks off. You will go to that idiot and force her to wash the utensils and clean the house well. I will go out now I have an appointment with the doctor, you understand what I am saying?
Huda: But mom, how am I going to do this? She’s sick, she won’t be able to clean the house or something
Aunt: I said you can’t; well, I can; buy
That’s in front of me
The aunt went to Noor’s room.
Noor: What do you want from me again?
Aunt: a little blunt, but the fault is on my sister, who did not improve your upbringing
Nour: I’m a better partner than you. Go outside. “Noor screamed at her aunt with force.”
Aunt: Please, please, what do you mean by raising your voice at me?
Nour: Oh, leave me, you’re crazy, or what?
Aunt: Oh, crazy, I want to make you go crazy for my roots, curl your hair, and see, you will clean the whole house. I don’t want to hear your voice.
The aunt came out of the house and left Nour to overcome her tears and pain that does not go away; she surrendered to her reality, as she was waiting for this thing, she knows perfectly well that her aunt hates her;
Huda: How are you going to clean the house when you can’t even stand on your feet
Nour: I will try, I have no other choice. I feel nauseous, I don’t know what’s wrong with me
Hoda: I told you that your condition is strange, you need to see a doctor
“Suddenly, something happened that Noor had not been waiting for.”
Hoda: Well, don’t get upset, leave what you have, come to the room, I’ll call my mom
Noor: Oh my God, what is happening to me?
Hoda: I’m going to call mom, don’t lose your mind, girl, relax

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Part 8

Hoda: ok ok calm down nothing happened we will solve the matter
Noor: Please call my mom, come on call
Hoda: I’ll call, relax first, there’s nothing to worry about
Nour: How am I going to calm down, don’t you see that my condition is stained with blood. What is happening to me, my Lord, what is this that is happening?
Huda: I think you are pregnant and maybe the fetus will miscarry
Nour: What are you saying, am I crazy, I am not pregnant, I have not married yet?
“sarcastic looks”
Huda: Well you are not pregnant if saying that makes you feel better
Nour: You’re making fun of me, okay, go away, I don’t need your help, I’ll help myself
Huda: Stop being crazy, you idiot. Where are you going with this situation? I called my mother. She will come in a little while. Here’s my mom, please help us. Noor is bleeding. We must take her to the hospital
Aunt: Which hospital I will call the doctor to check at home We will not go to the hospital I am not free Your brother will come soon
Nour: Don’t you have an iota of pity? I’m bleeding, do you understand I’m bleeding?
Aunt: And am I obliged to pity you for your condition so that I may pity you? I thank your Lord that I will call the doctor to examine you; Who knows what misfortune you and your mother are hiding…
Well, I called the doctor, 10 minutes, he will be here, don’t move until we solve this; Hoda, keep me side by side, come back after a while
Nour: “Tears never leave her eyes.”
Hoda: You don’t want to tell me what happened. I helped you, so keep quiet if this makes you comfortable.
Nour: I don’t have anything to relieve me of, and I hope that I will die and get rid of all this trouble
Huda: Dr. Sekti arrived without exposing us now. It is not possible for you, Amy, how do you answer this for me?
Nour: You’re so crazy, she wants to make me crazy. This is what I want. Basically, I don’t have anything left. I’m fine.
Hoda: How comfortable is it for you to live? You want to ring us, not on the grounds that you are your fiancé and there are no problems between you and your son? How are you now? What do you want?
Nour: This is why I don’t want to be ashamed. I want Dr. Gero
Hoda: What is your news, mom, that you don’t want to change? Let’s see what I want to happen to you, Hababa.
Doctor Yassin: Good evening, who is the patient?
Huda: Your fiancée is sick
Nour: Huda Tala’i bathed in the wilderness
Hoda: Ah, hurry up. Bravo. Go ahead. I’m going. Let the bride and groom talk to each other
Nour: Get out and make my head come out from here
Huda went and left Yassin and Nour alone.
Nour: What brought you?
Yassin: “He could not look into Nour’s eyes.”
Nour: Ok, it is okay for the patient to do so. There is nothing wrong with her, and she is well. She can go to the outside
Yassin: Your aunt told me that you are sick and have bleeding or something
Nour: My aunt is growing up. The issues are the same. Of course, I told you that there is nothing wrong with me. Thank you for coming to you.
Yassin: Ok, as you wish
Nour: How are you, are you clear that I am fine?
Yassin: Thank God I am fine
Noor: ok bye

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Part 9

Hoda: Excuse me, Dr. Mabha
Yassin: I am fine, there is nothing to worry about, her period is irregular, do not worry
Huda: Yassin is asking you to intervene, but what is happening, is there a problem between you and Nour?
Yassin: Nour and I separated
Hoda: Did you break up? Unreasonable??
Yassin: This is what happened with your permission
Hoda was shocked by the horror of the news. She couldn’t believe what she heard.
Hoda: I can’t believe it; Haha, good news, Doctor.
Aunt: How about you imitate yourself as a fairy?
Hoda: You know, you can hear that I brought you a scoop that is not located anywhere
Aunt: What’s wrong with you, Halala?
Huda: There is no wedding or anyone else who has left and gone
Aunt: What are you doing, girl, who left who?
Huda: Yassin left for your niece
Aunt: Who are you?
Hoda: Yassin told me that they separated, but it is clear that he left
Aunt: It would not have been like my sister, my love. She said that she seemed to be at ease and such a thing
Huda: I knew from the beginning that there was something hidden because your niece is impossible to come to curse us, especially if it was planted after two days, you do not love us all this means
“The mother and daughter kept talking about the matter until the son arrived from travel.”
Aunt: My son has arrived, I can’t believe it
Ismat: Hello dearest mother, I miss you so much
Aunt: Me too, my son, you have been away for a long time, my dear, why didn’t you come on Eid Al-Adha?
Ismat: I swear to God, my mother is working. I could not come. I tried, but I could not
Hoda: Hmm, what about me? No one cares about me. Didn’t you miss your sister, you idiot?
Ismat: Come here, you troublemaker. I miss you so much. Why don’t you answer my calls, are you growing up or what?
Huda: Haha, it’s impossible, even if I grow up, I don’t grow up on my brother, my love
Ismat: Ah, my mind will be filled with your words now, I brought you the chocolate that you love.
Hoda: Peace be upon you, my love, I love you
Ismat: Where is my father? is he in the mosque?
Aunt: Yes, he went out to pray. He hasn’t come back yet. Come on, son. Come sit down and rest. You must be exhausted from traveling
Ismat: So much that I’m going to sleep sitting hahahaha
Aunt: You won’t sleep before eating, I’ll set the table
Ismat: What is the secret of this happiness, girl, did my coming make you so happy?
Hoda: Haha, you can say I’m more than happy
Ismat: Hmmm, what is the secret of this word?
Usually God sustains it
Hoda: I’ll tell you later
Ismat: Haha, I got excited, okay, I’ll wait, the topic must be important
Hoda: a lot; Do you know who is at home?
Ismat: No, who?
Huda: Your cousin
Ismat: It is not reasonable, is Najwa or Nour?
Huda: light Shall I give you the other scoop or do you wait a bit haha
Ismat: Please tell me, scoops owner
Hoda: She broke up with her fiancé; She was about to get married and their wedding was to take place in two days
Ismat: Really, why did they break up?
Huda: I don’t know yet, but she didn’t come here for this rather she didn’t tell us about this Yassin who told me
Ismat: I did not understand anything. Why did she not tell you this and why she is here? What does their separation have to do with her presence here?
Huda: Here is the scoop. Your aunt told my mother that a girl was upset from the wedding, and the atmosphere began to change about us. At first, this story is not in my brain.
Ismat: By God, we are afraid of you, girl
Aunt: I can’t help you, so you can help me
Hoda: I’m going back, I’ll scream my head, your mother
“The aunt prepared the food and the family gathered.”
Ismat: Where is Nour, why don’t you come to eat?
Aunt about us, what did you get?
Ismat: My mother is a shame. This is not how she was our guest
Father: Right, he’s talking right. You won’t be talking like this about the girl
Ismat: Hoda Nadi Ali Nour to eat
Hoda: Well, I’m sure she won’t want to come, I’ll do okay
Esmat: let’s go
Aunt: I am now the villain among you
Ismat: My mother, my love, no one said this, but the girl is our guest, we do not have the right to treat her badly, even if you do not love her, you should treat her well
Aunt: ok
Noor: Good evening
Ismat: Hello, good evening, my cousin. How are you?
Nour: Fine, thank God for your safety
Ismat: Thank you, may God bless you
Nour felt cramping and bleeding again.
Father: What is wrong with you, my daughter?
Noor: Nothing is fine
Ismat: How are you okay? You don’t look fine, let’s go to the hospital
Ismat was shocked by what his eyes saw
Aunt: We brought the doctor a while ago, he said it’s all right
Ismat: My father helped me to carry the girl in a bad condition, perhaps she will choke her child
Aunt: a child

Ismat: Yes, a child, it seems that she is pregnant
Nour: I am not pregnant and nothing leaves me, I will not go to the hospital
Ismat: Girl, you will die. Don’t do this. You will die of bleeding. Come on, relax, so I can carry you. Dad help me.
Father: I won’t help you. Are you crazy? How are we going to take her to the hospital in this case? We will be exposed
Ismat: Dad, do you think of people more than you think of a girl who will die in front of our eyes? Did you go crazy or what did they get away from in front of me?
Aunt: You won’t take her to the hospital, just because she will die or be in peace
Ismat: I will not leave. I am a doctor of conscience. I am not allowed to be worth this way, at least as a human being. I can’t be equal to her.

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Part 10

Father: God forgive me, the young man went mad
Aunt: I can’t believe what my son is doing. Is he losing his mind or what? How can he take her to the hospital like this I’m going to lose my mind I swear I’m going to lose my mind
Hoda: Calm down, mom. You know your son. Exile did not change him. I was expecting him to do this in the first place
Aunt: How and why; why would he risk our reputation for such filth?
Hoda: Who knows, maybe he’s in love with her haha
Aunt: Stop it, I don’t want to hear this nonsense
Aunt: Ok, my love, I’ll shut up
Father: I’ll sleep when I wake up. I don’t want to see that bitch in my house, or else you will see something from me that you don’t like
“Ismat went to the hospital, carrying Noor in his hands, like a little girl, on his way to the hospital, she fainted.”
Ismat: Where is the doctor on duty here, dear nurse? I’m talking to you, don’t you hear?
Nurse: Ah, sorry, Mr. Yassin is undergoing surgery now
Ismat: Isn’t there anyone else the lady will die of bleeding?
The nurse: There is no one else today
Ismat: Oh my God, can I take her in for an examination? I am a doctor
Nurse: You have to get permission from the director first
Ismat: Will I wait for the director, then, where is he?
Nurse: Not available
Ismat: You must be joking. Get away from me. I take responsibility for what will happen. Stay away
Nurse: Sir, you can’t come in, don’t cause me trouble, please
Ismat: “raising his eyebrows” Look, don’t make me mad more. I advise you only because my anger is a little bad. Get away from me, please.
Nurse: Ok, take responsibility for your decision
Ismat: nice, go away
“Ismat entered the operating room and summoned one of the assistants after the operation was over.”
Ismat: Do you know that I have never seen such a filth in my life as you?
Yassin: Calm down, my friend, do not utter words that you may regret later
Esmat: Why would I regret it?
Yassin: What do you want, why are you here? You have no right to come to this hospital. You know this well
Yassin: “You take steps towards Yassin and grab his arm.” This is the reason for my presence in front of you, that girl who ate meat and threw her bones. Who do you think you are to do this to her? Are people’s girls a game in your hands??? Did she not count her family? What will people say about her? Her wedding is supposed to take place in two days? Are you aware of the scandal that she caused to the girl? Are you aware that she cannot go home because her brother will not leave her alive if he finds out what kind of man you are, please Tell me what kind of man you are because I couldn’t categorize you I’m really sorry I couldn’t categorize you into any type
Yassin: You don’t know anything, don’t judge me quickly
Ismat: What will I know? We have been friends for years, man. I can’t believe what you did to the girl. I was a witness to your relationship since day one. I saw enthusiasm in your eyes that I had never seen before towards that girl. For her father and her brother, at least fix your mistake and marry her, don’t leave her to human tongues Shame on you man Shame on you
Yassin: One day you will understand me, I will only ask you one thing. Be by her side, don’t let her face the world alone. Please don’t
Esmat: I can’t believe it!
“Noor woke up from the operation”
Nour: Where am I, what happened to me?
Nurse: Calm down madam
Nour: What happened to me?
The nurse: You miscarried your baby
Noor: my child; “I started to shed tears again,” my child said. He said to you, “What is going on with me?”
The nurse: Professor Esmat, the patient woke up and she is not well
Ismat: I’m going now. I don’t want to talk about this subject any more. Our conversation is over here
Yassin: six?
Understand me one day my friend I was forced to do this
Ismat: There is nothing on the face of the earth that gives you the right to harm a girl in this way; Ok miss I’m coming
Noor Noor Mabek
Noor: What happened, why am I here?
Ismat: You lost your child
Nour: Don’t say my child and the like, it’s better that I lost him. I don’t want anything to connect me with that food
Ismat: Don’t do this to yourself; Relax and unwind
Nour: My head hurts, I need a place to sleep
Ismat: You are not allowed to take any painkillers now
“Go crazy Noor started screaming out loud”
Nour: I want a house, a club on Huda, I want a house now
Ismat: Nurse, I want you for five minutes
Nurse: Ok sir what?

Ismat: I want you to do a quick blood test for Nour as soon as the results come out. Call me, okay?
Nurse: Do you suspect anything?
Ismat: Yes, I will conduct the analysis for her immediately. Please pray for the results as soon as they appear

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Part 11

Nurse: Ok, Professor
Esmat: Thank you, good luck
Ismat remained next to Nour until she calmed down and fell asleep.
Ismat: “Sitting next to her” Oh my God, what have you done to yourself, girl, you destroyed your life in the name of love
Meanwhile, Ismat’s phone rang.
Ismat: Yes, what do you want, Huda, if you are asking about me, I am fine, but if you are asking about Nour, she is sleeping now.
Hoda: Ok, what happened to you, is she comfortable?
Esmat: nice; Shwetila, the operation, and let’s sleep tomorrow, so you can visit her if you want
Hoda: No need
Ismat: As you want, by the way, I want to talk to you about an important issue. Stay at home. Don’t look forward until I come back. If you call either Nour, tell her that she is fine, there is nothing bad
Hoda: Ok, good news, and I will wait for you
Ismat: Ok, I will see you bye
Ismat’s anger increases with the passage of time. He could not comprehend what a friend of his age had done to his cousin’s daughter.
Nour: Emmy, Emmy, I want Emmy, Wena Emmy
Ismat: Nour Nour, Khadi Sharby, it is clear that you see a nightmare. There is nothing. You are in the hospital and you are safe without fear.
Nour: I want to see my mom, I feel like I’m going to die
Ismat: You will not die or anything. The operation was good, nothing bad, rest, but this is what is required of you
Nour: How can I rest, my cousin for you? I ruined my self. You ruined my whole life. How can I go to the face of my family? How can I go back home to you?
Ismat: Don’t talk like this tomorrow, everything will be resolved and you will be fine and live your life from the beginning and the new world does not stop at anyone, you live your life and forget all that has happened
Nour: By God, this is easy to talk about, but I can’t help it, by God, I can’t finish
Ismat: I want to be with you. sow Do you have your studies that you neglected a lot to retell like this life doesn’t stop at anyone, keep this thing in your mind
Nour: I hope you come out, I want to sleep
Ismat: Problems do not resolve with sleep. You have become a girl. You must learn to face your problems
Nour: No, and your life has become bitter. Haha. Let me sleep if you want
“Ismat went out and left Nour alone. Meanwhile, Noor’s mother arrived and her sister Najwa.”
Najwa: Doctor, please, how is my sister? Aha Ismat? What are you doing here, have you come back from travel???
Ismat: Hello my cousin, how are you, my aunt, how are you, and how is my uncle? Yes, Najwa is back.
from traveling ; And I took Nour to the hospital yesterday. I did not find the doctor on duty, so I examined Nour myself
Najwa: What is wrong with my sister, what happened to her?
Ismat: Will you come with me to the cafeteria for a bit?
Mother: Please tell me, son, what happened to my daughter, my heart cannot bear, please tell me
Ismat: Don’t worry, aunt, I’ll tell you everything, but not here
Mom: Ok, I’ll come with you
Asmat: Well….Listen to me, auntie, your daughter had a severe bleeding yesterday. I tried to save what could be saved.
Mother: Frankly speaking, what happened to my daughter?
Ismat: The bleeding caused her to rot at the level of the uterus, so part of it was removed
Mother: “The mother’s tears fell heavily; suddenly her life turned upside down.” What are you saying, son, how did my daughter go through all this and I had no knowledge of anything?
Ismat: I thought Hoda would give you the details, and she even told me that she would call you
Mother: “She nodded her head.” No one called me. I am the reason for everything that is happening to Nour. I did not pay attention to my daughter
Ismat: Don’t say that, Auntie, this is not your fault. We must all have strength for Noor’s sake. Don’t tell Noor anything at least until she recovers. The misfortunes came in succession, there is no need to tell her about this now
Mom: I won’t tell her anything
Najwa: I do not believe; My poor sister, what is this luck? Why, my Lord, why?
Ismat: Your sister Najwa needs you, you must be strong for her
Najwa: I will not forgive that animal for what it did to Noor. He will pay for every tear Noor sheds
Ismat: You do not have to forget about him. Focus on restoring the light of her health. This is what is important now. Does your husband know what happened, aunt?
Umm Nour: Do not ask; He prevented me from visiting her and prevented her from entering the house again
Ismat: No, aunt, I will solve the matter. You will go home now, you and Najwa. Tomorrow morning, Najwa calls me, so we can meet in the hospital and solve all the details.
Mother: What do I want to tell you, my son, may God protect you? I don’t know how I will return you this favor
Ismat: Be comfortable and don’t cry anymore. That’s how you help me a lot. We are a family, and we don’t have the beauty of Nour, my aunt’s daughter. It’s natural that I helped her.
Mother: May God be pleased with you, my son. We will go and see you tomorrow
Ismat: Bye
Ismat went to Yassin’s office.
Yassin: “Sitting in his office, absent-minded.”
Ismat: Can we talk? I’m talking to you. Can’t you hear?
Yassin: Sorry, I didn’t notice you entered
Ismat: Are you free? I want to talk about an important topic
Yassin: If the topic is light, then there is no need
Ismat: Hear me, if you have a little manliness and pride, hear what I have to say; The girl aborted your baby

And part of her womb was removed. It is assumed that your wedding will take place a day later; do not cancel the wedding marry the girl; Her family kicked her out of the house; Don’t do this to her, please don’t
Yassin: I’m sorry, Ismat, there is nothing I can do about Nour. I made a decision that I will not marry her
Ismat: For a while, I thought you were a man, but I was wrong. I consider our friendship to be over, starting today. “Ismat’s phone rang.” Yes, I reached the results, I will come shortly

Yassin: You don’t understand anything for
Please don’t press me, one day you’ll be able to understand why I’m doing this
Ismat: There is no reason on the face of the earth that gives you the right to harm the girl in this way. You actually ruined her life, and now bye, I don’t want to see your face that even by chance.
“Ismat went to check the results of Nour’s tests, and here was the next surprise.”
Ismat: Damn, it is unreasonable, Huda said? Huda said: No, Huda. I will not forgive you for this. I will not forgive you.
Hoda: This is there. Why are you calling my brother? Did something happen to Nour?
Ismat: I want you now in the hospital, I don’t have time to come; 10 minutes you’ll be right in front of me
Hoda: What’s going on??
Ismat: Come here now, I’ll tell you everything
Hoda quickly changed her clothes and headed to the hospital.
Her mother: Where are you safe?
Hoda: I’m going to the hospital
Her mother: Why what? You suddenly became affectionate
Huda: Your intruder, mother, is not created for jokes. Now your son wants to call me. He said that I will be with him quickly. I do not know what happened.
Her mother: Heck, my soul would have been so that I would want you to become a nurse for my aunt’s daughter. I don’t know why. This boy wanted to raise my pressure.
Hoda: What is it, I’m going to see you later, mom
“Hoda left the house quickly and arrived at the hospital within a quarter of an hour.”
Hoda: “I found Ismat waiting for her at the cafeteria door, holding Nour’s test results in his hands.” Hello, so what happened?
Ismat: I am the one who is preoccupied with me. I want to get busy more, and I am asking myself a lot, whether I am the one who is not me or you, who has changed and become without a world, until I no longer know how you equated me with such a girl? Do you know that you caused the girl to bleed and miscarry And also I lost the womb, I mean, you will not be able to have children, nor will you live in it like any normal woman. He grabbed her by the arm tightly, “How can you be without conscience and without morals like this? You are not a human being and at my age I never imagined that you are my sister, my sister. I who grew up in front of my eyes become unscrupulous. How, why, and what?”
Huda: He left my hand to you. What are you doing? What did you get me into? What are you talking about?
Ismat: Of course, you have the right. You have no right to enter until the results are lying. I am not sure. You are not a medical student? Will you understand the results? Here, I would have “gave her the results of the tests”
Huda: What got me into all this baking, so that it was originally equal, like this for a long time, for you, who sells meat and honor to men, would it be difficult for her to be worth it?

Ismat: “For the first time, he slaps his sister.” Hey, this is how you learn to become Bani Adama, because I can no longer know what exactly you are.
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Part 12

Huda: Basically, there was no need for me to come. The atmosphere in Syria seems not much to tell you
Ismat: My soul is out of my mind. I don’t want to see you anymore. I don’t want to hear you. You’re saying this thing.
Huda left her brother a sarcastic look as if she was not interested in what he was saying and turned her back on him as if nothing had happened.
Ismat: How did you become so hard-hearted, how did you allow jealousy and envy to make you blind to such a degree and to harm the girl in this way? I really regret coming here;
Nurse: Professor, she went crazy. The patient broke into the whole room and cut her hand and didn’t leave me room to sterilize her wound; she screams in a crazy voice, I want medicine, I don’t know what medicine she’s talking about
Ismat: I know God curses the hour when you came to it
Ismat ran to Nour’s room, trying to help her.
Ismat: Nour Nour, don’t do this, I will give you what you want, stop this madness
Nour: “Crying like a little girl” Why are you imprisoning me here I want medicine My head hurts Why are you doing this to me
Ismat: “He hugged her as if she were his child. Ismat feels a responsibility towards Nour. He does not know why he feels this, but he feels himself obligated to help her. Our Lord is in love. Perhaps and perhaps, but the only thing he knows is that he does not want to leave her alone.” This is for yourself “Wiping her tears as if he is sorry for the harm that everyone has done to her As if he is apologizing for the sadness she is going through Apologizing for every tear that fell from her eyes…” Ok come on don’t do this again “He carried her in his arms and put her to bed” Sleep and rest I will bring You have your medicine right now, I will give you
Noor: Ok, don’t be late, please, my head hurts so much
Esmat: Well, don’t worry
Nurse, look, don’t lose sight of her, stay by her side, I’ll be back in a little while
Nurse: Ok, I’ll take care of each other, don’t worry
Ismat: Give her a sedative to sleep
Nurse: Ok, but there is something you need to know, Mr. Esmat
Esmat: What?
Nurse: Someone told the director that you are in the hospital, he asked to see you, he is very angry, I don’t know, but you must get out of here quickly before he takes action against you
Esmat: Thank you for your interest. I will talk to him
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Part 13

Ismat left Nour’s room and the tears never left him. He never expected that he would fall in love with his cousin, who yesterday was the girlfriend of his close friend. He did not expect that his heart would beat and fall in love with her. It never occurred to him that his tears would shed because of her, and that his heart would bleed from the severity of the pain, his heart burning and his anger increasing with the passage of time. His friend and sister were the reason for destroying Nour’s life. Ismat heads to the office of the hospital director with slow steps, almost fainting from his pain; Ismat, the strong young man, it is difficult for anyone to break his heart, the gallant who does not accept injustice, even at the expense of his life. last breath
He tried to gather himself and wipe his tears to meet the hospital director
Ismat: Hello sir, how are you?
Doctor Wissam: Hello, sir, how are you? I see that you are comfortable here
Ismat: Sorry, I didn’t mean to overstep my bounds. If it wasn’t a matter of life or death, I wouldn’t have intervened in that way
Wissam: I don’t care. The nurse explained to me the issue. I don’t understand you, but I don’t think about you anymore. Now for today, who is managing the balloon on your patient and you don’t care if she is safe?
Ismat: Ok, I will go today, basically, I don’t need to, because it is still here today
Wissam: Don’t take me, but this is the hospital law, good bye
Ismat: You don’t care, you don’t have to be sorry
“Ismat went out and went to Nour’s room, paid the hospital account, and headed home, so that his mother, Nour, would receive her, as usual, with offensive words.”
Aunt: Oh, you also have an eye. Go back to here, dirty
Ismat: My mother, do not do such a fault or a fault with my hands
Aunt: I don’t understand the fault, and what a fault, oh son of my womb, since when did you stop against your mother for this?
Ismat: Don’t do this, I beg you, what do you do like this, my mother, may God make you not worth this, and God is a shame
Ismat’s father: “He stood in front of his son with his eyes looking at him with harsh looks, as if he wanted to slap him with all his might.” what alo dad
Ismat: “Holding Nour’s hand, in turn, she takes care of him, as if he was the father who abandoned her; her tears have not stopped for days.” Like her, the sister, who became one, I don’t know
Aunt: Don’t talk about your sister like this, son of my belly, it’s enough to ring us more than this, but you, what is wrong with this thing that you are worth
Ismat: The fault is the one who equaled it to all of you. For the sake of this girl, what is the fault of the fault on your daughter who brought you up? Who gave Nour an addiction drug, and because of this the girl lost her uterus? Do you want more than this?
Hoda: It is enough for you. You earned the other. It is enough for you. This is your witch. What an addiction? He said, “I did not make money for the last.” This is a cheap unit. What do you expect from a unit that sold honor to many men? You were shocked that it looked addicted?
Ismat: “I slapped Huda again.”
“There was silence for a second”
Father: I came out to Lebra. I no longer want to see you from today and go. You have no father, mother, or even a sister who came out to Lebra
“Ismat left his father’s house and Noor was next to him. There was silence for a few minutes; the cousins ​​stayed inside the car; the atmosphere was silent for hours…”
Nour: I’m sorry for the problems I caused. really sorry
Esmat: You are not guilty of anything, perhaps your only fault is that you loved someone who does not deserve you
Nour: You were friends. Do not lose your friend for me. This is another thing. Do not mix things together
Ismat: Leave this matter. I had a house in Syria; Looks like it’s time to enter it
Noor: No, I won’t cause you more problems, I’ll see what I can do
Ismat: Nour, I can’t leave you alone
Noor: I have to pull out my spine with my own hands
Ismat: Let me be by your side, I have been through difficult times
Noor: I heard what you said inside. I heard everything
Ismat: I know, basically, you were by my side. I didn’t want to tell you that, at least until your health and psychological condition improved
Nour: I know something, I’m no longer interested in anything; You think that the news of my loss of the uterus will make me sad; You are wrong, nothing can make me sad; The sadness inside me died since the day Yassin decided to abandon me I buried my heart and my sadness together inside an old box I am now a body without a soul I live to live I don’t care about anything I eagerly await my death
Ismat: Noor, stop this. Don’t say silly things. Your mom is worried about you, she called me a while ago, she told me that your dad didn’t let her see you. She asked you to call her.
Meanwhile, Nour was displaced and saw what made her heart bleed from the severity of the pain
Ismat: No, this thing is expected. Get over this. I won’t ask you to get over it immediately, but at least try not to give in to the pain.
Nour: “I quickly wiped her tears.”
Ismat: It’s okay
Noor: He holds her hands the same way he held mine; you know sometimes I ask myself a bit stupid question.
Esmat: What are you asking yourself?
Nour: I ask myself why I handed him over without any guarantees
Ismat: Some men like this do not ask for things quickly, but rather deceive the girl until she surrenders herself voluntarily
Noor: I remember that day well; The day I gave up my honor, the day I gave him the most precious thing any girl had; Everything happened on the day of my birthday. We celebrated it beautifully. We went to his house on the basis of watching a movie and completing the evening. Everything happened. It was of my own will. I remember very well that I was the one who asked him to do so. He looked handsome and kind, and I liked his looks at me; I loved the way he spoke; I loved how he called my name; in short, I loved his details. My relationship with him and falling in love with him

Ismat: I don’t know, I don’t want to be harsh, but I will say one thing that is not worth anything, forget about it; you will enter an addiction treatment clinic, and you will get your life back.

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Part 14

Nour tried to transcend those moments, she tried hard to overlook her sadness, which had recently become a companion to her path. I put on lipstick that reflects the brokenness of a woman who was yesterday a strong woman unshaken by the wind; She adorned herself and put on eyeliner for her eyes. If you see her, you think that she is attending the wedding of one of her acquaintances; She took a cigarette in her hands and said with a heart wracked by sorrow and broken wings
Imagine with me the universe without men, it would be very wonderful, wouldn’t it, my cousin?
She said this and turned towards Esmat, their breaths came close. She asked hysterically
Do you know that you are all the same? I mean the category of men, for example, you. Let me ask you a clear question. Would you not like me?
Ismat: Nour, stop, don’t do this, you’re not conscious
He straightened his seat and grabbed her tightly, “Stop this nonsense, Noor.”
Nour: shit Haha you also want me to admit this lol Nour has lost control of herself….
Ismat: Noor is enough, you are enough, and I know how you are
Understand here, understand with me, we want to go from here
Ismat went to his old house, which tells the details of the memory of a distant past; He carried her in his arms like a little girl, saying in a low voice
Ismat: You want to put your mind in your head and stop hiding it.
Nour: “I laughed hysterically.” And if you do, what will happen?
Ismat: You want to leave it, enough to bake it tomorrow morning, let’s go to
addiction treatment clinic
Nour: I will not go to a shop
Asmat: I do not take your opinion on this matter
Nour: I told you, I won’t go to a store, and then you. What’s your income in me? This is my life. Why is it worth your income?
Ismat: Ok, as you want, what entered me?
The cousin’s sons kept taking a flower until she fell into a deep sleep. Ismat kept contemplating her childish features that bring back to his memory a distant past. His love for her was the result of chance; he drew a small smile on his lips, saying:
You are stupid, my friend, to give up on her. You are stupid for leaving her for another woman. She is unique. She is not like a woman whose details are special. You cannot find a woman like her. You are stupid. You Yassin will regret your action. Believe me; Ismat kept talking to himself for hours until he covered his head in a deep sleep next to a light like a lover next to his girlfriend. The matter became clear to him, as he was fully aware that he had fulfilled his love for her to the core. It’s ten in the morning. Noor woke up from a deep sleep, feeling unbearable pain in her head. She tried to stand on her feet in a balanced way, heading towards the living room. She prepared a cup of her morning strength, which restores her bad mood. Everything seems perfect in Ismat’s house, as if the place was equipped for a person dear to his heart. She stretched her feet comfortably on the sofa, sipping a cup of coffee to the tunes of Fayrouz. And the memories of the recent past do not leave her imagination, the details of Yassin do not leave her, and the details of their red night do not leave her memory; She began to gently caress her hair strands. saying
What if I called you now to turn back time?
She called him. She really wanted to hear the voice of the man who suddenly abandoned her. She called to say words she didn’t get the chance to utter; the phone rang…
You know I don’t regret anything I don’t regret giving myself up I don’t regret that night that hasn’t left my mind yet I regret one thing and that’s my love for you I wish you happiness with her I wish she could kiss you like I did I doubt that I hope you lose control of me Your breath whenever you are beside her and I hope your words lose their balance when you are together I know you will not forget my details nor the details of that night I will be your breath that chokes you And your heartbeat stops whenever I remember that night I will not forgive you as long as I live
She said this and suddenly hung up the phone, she went crazy and started breaking down the house; Esmat ran to her
What are you worth, madman, you were hurt, you don’t want us to get rid of this affliction?
Nour: I want death. Death left me. Why did you leave me? How would you leave me? How would it be worth me? What is it?
Ismat: enough; Awareness with me, your hand is bleeding, what are you hiding, Nour, by God, you are my last fairy
Nour: “With looks filled with sadness and sorrow, she said, “I know that I have gone crazy, I know I want to die, I do not want to live, I do not want a life without him, I cannot live without him, I cannot
Ismat: Nour, shall we marry?
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Part 15

She turned towards him and straightened in her seat and approached and said, waving her hands
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha we get married joking right? You want to marry me why? See I told you that you wanted me but you didn’t accept my words; We get married, hmmm, we get married to be a happy and beautiful couple in front of everyone, and when night falls and one roof unites us, we become like strangers. Tell me why a handsome young man like you would want to marry a woman, the least we can say about her, that she has become like an old shoe that someone used and then threw it after feeling bored, so he went to get shoes New Come on, tell me, huh, or do you want to try the old shoe, what does it look like when you touch it? Haha, of course, men like this type of men. Everything that is broken and pathetic, do you know something? I agree. Let’s get married. Get married immediately. What do you think of tomorrow?
He put his hand on her lips and said:
Stop the nonsense, Noor, I am in love with you and I do not pity you, because there is nothing to make me feel pity for you.
Noor: let’s get married
She grabbed a cigarette in her hand and started uttering miserable words again
Nour: Let’s get married. It’s very easy. As for the matter that you are in love with me, let me tell you that I do not want love or love, I only want to get married, all that will bring us together is a fake contract, you will never touch me, this is my only condition
Ismat: “He uttered those words with great pain inside him.” Well, I agree, I will not touch you, but let me tell you first that cigarettes are harmful to your health, since when have you been smoking?
Noor: Since the day that bastard left me
Esmat: No one deserves what you do to yourself
She looked at him for a long time, and inside her words she could not utter
Nour: He doesn’t deserve it, haha, for you and God’s life. You make me laugh with all my heart. I really don’t deserve it. I was thinking that I deserve it.
Ismat: Enough joking, I am talking about a grandfather. Oh my people, we will go
Noor: Lewin?
Ismat: We can get to know each other quickly
Nour: Ok, you will come to me
Nour changed her clothes and got ready to go, knowing that she is facing a difficult battle towards society and her family; She got into the car and began to contemplate her future from the window; What awaits her misfortune, a lost life, and an unknown future?
Ismat: What do you think, Noor?
Nour answered in a sad voice
Nothing I’m not thinking I stopped thinking a long time ago
Ismat: You don’t think about anything, but you are absent-minded
Nour: I don’t have anything to worry about, there is nothing to worry about, but I want to ask you about something?
Ismat: Of course you do
Nour: I can feel something moving in my stomach. Why is the baby going?
The cousin’s features changed, he didn’t know what to answer
Ismat: I don’t know how to tell you this
Noor: Tell me, am I sick?
Ismat: No, you are not sick or anything, but there is something you need to know
Nour: You occupied my mind, what is going on?
Ismat: Baby will not be missed
She raised her eyebrows, questioning
but how??? She told me I lost both the womb and the baby
Ismat: You did not lose the womb nor your son. I told my family about this so that their hearts would soften and they would stop treating you badly, but to no avail.
Noor: What about addiction?
Ismat: This topic is true, unfortunately, Hoda was the reason behind your exposure to addiction
Noor: stop I want to get off
Ismat: what’s wrong?
Noor: I feel dizzy and I feel unwell, I’m suffocating, stop
Ismat turned left, got down
Light from the car lost balance, her childish features began to age early, the color of her face turned pale, as if she had just been in the recovery room; Ismat ran after her, wondering
Ismat: Nour, why don’t you see what I say?
Nour, nothing will become sad

“Noor stayed the same for hours until she finally started to feel better.”
Ismat: Shall we go?
Noor: Well, where are we going, tell me?
Esmat: You will see
“Ismat went to a place where Nour’s destiny changed.”
Noor: Where did we go?
Esmat: In the hospital
Noor: Why?
Ismat: To be comfortable and stop being a drug addict
Nour: I don’t want to be relieved, and I don’t want to be treated. I want to die. Death left me and this is my stomach.
Ismat: don’t understand with me
He kept convincing her of the necessity of treatment, and in turn, she refused the idea until he was able to convince her of the issue. The doctors booked her a special ward at Ismat’s request. Of course, he is rich and he cannot refuse his request.
Doctor Majid: You don’t have to worry about her, we will take care of her and she will become sick
Ismat: I thank you, every day I pass by, they greet a doctor
Majed: Even if we are at the service
Nour: I don’t want a shadow, here I don’t want
The nurse: Do not do this, madam, calm down
Meanwhile, the doctor came in
I will take care of it, get out of here
Majed: calm down, light up, calm down
Nour left me, why don’t you move me?
Majed: What are you talking about, who longs for this beautiful beauty and does not hold back
How was beauty a sin; here is light that pays the price for its beauty

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Part 16

Noor has done all she can to stop his animal instinct; she is once again subjected to another kind of pain that seems to be a curse no girl in her twenties can handle so much.
Noor: stay away from me animal, you will regret what you did
Majed: But let us be for each other and then be equal, what do you want?
Nour: I’m dying, and I won’t let you touch a hair of me. I heard, dog, thanks that I’m dying
Noor provoked his feelings, and he pounced like a lion who found a feast after a long hunger; Nour began to shed her tears, who would save her from the animal next to her, no one closed the door tightly, she kept thinking of a solution to protect her from his crime, but in vain, a few seconds passed until she saw a vase next to her. She gripped the vase tightly without arousing his suspicion, she closed her eyes, ;;;;
Majed: What are you worth, crazy Turkish, from your hand?
Nour: I don’t want you to touch a hair on my body
She hit his head hard; she quickly ran to open the door, not knowing where or to whom her dreams were going
one by one; Her heart was beating fast. She ran without stopping until she came out of the hospital door. She kept thinking for a long time, where she could go. No house to shelter her, no shoulder to lean on. Her only fault is that she truly loved, believed in her love, held on to him, but he went to another and threw her and her dreams,,,, Noor kept wandering around Damascus. antique detailing her love for him; Not knowing where she was going, she found herself sitting under a tree in one of the ancient gardens of Damascus, a young man in his twenties sat next to her holding a cigarette in his hands.
Young man: What brought you here?
Noor: Who are you?
Young man: Do not be afraid, I will not lead you
Nour: Haha, did you say lead me? You can’t help me, don’t worry
Young man: How is that?
Noor: Because I’m almost dead
Young man: You can’t stay here, you know it’s not safe
Noor: Thank you for your interest, but I’m so comfortable
Young man: I have a house nearby. Be here
She looked at him with strange looks, as if she was wondering why he helped her
Noor: Thank you, I don’t want to
Young man: But your presence here is not safe
Noor: You can go, don’t worry, I’ll help myself
Young man: As you wish
The young man carried himself and went to his house. Suddenly loud voices began approaching the place; Four guys are drunk, one of them is waving his hands
Ahh, am I dreaming, Murat, looking over there? Is this cheese or am I drunk, my friend lol
No, my friend, you are not drunk, you are drunk, but hehe, but hey, for the sake of your house. Hey, angel. I want to hug you, my brother. I’m going until I enjoy it. It’s sweet, people
You are an intruder who sits alone with her at night, when I can take a hug, honey
Nour: I don’t advise you to stay away from me, the best for you
Noor quickly ran towards the young man who was next to her
Please, please, please
Hold on tight to his arm
Please help me, don’t leave me alone
You can’t hear the words, I told you that your shadow is dangerous here
Nour: I know I’m stupid, I beg of you, let’s go
Don’t be afraid, no one touches a hair of you and I’m here
Noor hid behind him like a little girl
Oh, you want to bear your condition, men on us, even if we want the girl, and you want to leave us, oh
I am a man who is nervous about your mother, have you heard or not?
Aha, what would you have left?
On my justice, if you are men, come to them, do not hide behind your companion like women
“The young man lost his mind and beat the four hysterically until he caused severe injuries.”
What do you think, donkey, men, or I am not men? Well, you become men after this thing, I would like to meet you and stop harassing women, you will miss such forms
Nour: I don’t know how to answer you, thank you
Young man: If you hear the words, you will be my well-known cousin
“Nur accompanied the young man to his house;”
Noor: What is your name?
Young man: My name is Karam
Nour: Long live the Asami, I am Nour
Karam: Nice to meet you. This is your room. I sleep tomorrow. I will give you your pajamas
Nour: Oh, hey, why do you have a sister?
Karam: Haha, no tomorrow. Good night
Nour watched Karam’s steps until he left the room door with a strange feeling
Why would he help me? Who is this young man? I have never seen him before. She kept thinking for a long time about the reason for his assistance, but she did not find any reason that might call him to do so, which made her more confused. Then she decided to stop thinking. Details of her empty memory that abandoned the past in all its details
This room is like… No, you can’t be under the illusion, Noor, stop the nonsense. I’m going to sleep. I must have lost my mind. I’m talking to myself.
Noor fell into a deep sleep, as pregnancy plays a role in her feeling of excessive sleep,,,, Karam woke up at nine o’clock in the morning. He prepared breakfast, then went to Noor’s room; gently knock on the door of the room; Nour felt ashamed, could not open the door, tried to brush her hair a little;;
Noor: Ok I’ll open wait a little
Karam: The food is ready, let’s go downstairs
Nour: If there is no weight in you, bring me a large glass of juice
Karam: From my eyes, but don’t be late because I must be late for work
Nour: go ahead
Nour opened the door of the room and headed to the living room; I saw Karam drinking a cup of tea and reading his morning newspaper
Karam: I know that you are hunky, don’t think a lot, you know what I’m eating, you’ll be ugly since yesterday
She took steps towards him, bowing her head
Nour: I don’t think of anything, but I don’t know if my presence here has no meaning or not
Karam: “He looked at her with a questioning look.” What is the meaning of what you want to find behind your presence with me in the same house? Do not single yourself out, in my opinion, there is nothing that has no meaning in this world. It is enough that you become comfortable until you find yourself, and I do not need me and I do not need anyone but me. I am going to see you in the evening. Do not open the door to a creature.
Nour: okay, but I can ask you a question
Karam: Of course you do

Nour: What is the secret of this sadness, in your eyes, has something happened to you?
Karam: Hey, you’ll be light, what are my eyes? I’m fine. I salute you for your attention, as I told you. Don’t open the door to anyone.
Nour kept wondering why he had given him a helping hand and why he was so sad
Strange, what happened to this young man, and God is strange
As for Ismat, he has not yet received news of Nour escaping from the hospital. In turn, he is preparing to go to visit her, changed his clothes, and went to the hospital where Nour was taken.
Ismat: Hello, I want to visit Miss Nour, is this possible?
Reception: But
Esmat: But what??
Reception: I don’t know what to say, sir, but Miss Noor escaped from the hospital
Ismat’s features have changed
What are you saying, what are you saying, this man, am I paying you a lot of money to listen to such nonsense?
He furrowed his eyebrows and clenched his hands tightly
are you deaf? Call on your boss, come on
Reception: The manager hasn’t come yet
Take steps towards it
Don’t let me get out of my mind I told you call your boss
As for Nour, she remained confined to the house, she sat in her room, listening to her favorite song, which brings back time to before she left her father’s house. She tells the details of before her separation from Yassin.
A legendary love affair that lasted for many years after he decided to separate and cut the cord between them while she was sitting and thinking about everything that had happened. Knock on the door of the house to accelerate her heartbeat;
What is this doing here, how did he know I exist???
She gathered her courage and opened the door of the house;
Nour: “There was silence for a few seconds, mutual looks without words; how can love become ashes, how can someone who was the closest person to you yesterday become a stranger overnight?”
Yassin: I want to see the generosity of Mano here?
Nour: Karam? Who do you know?
Yassin: I think it is not necessary to answer such a question while he is at home
Noor, “There is no home in your house, you can call it.”

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Part 17

Nour called Karam quickly
Can you come home??
Karam: What’s going on? Is something wrong?
Noor: Just come home, I want to tell you something important
Karam: Ok, I’ll come in ten minutes, I’ll be home
Nour was not comfortable with Yassin’s coming home, and she had a bad feeling about him. She did not want them to meet after what happened between them.
Karam: Look, what did you think of me, girl? What happened?
Nour: There is a young man who came to you with a request to see you. You know that you are not here, but I do not know
Karam: What, and then? Why do you call me and tell me we will meet again?
Nour: Where do you know each other?
Karam: What are the questions?
Nour: But the truth of the matter is a lot. It is important for you to sit down for a while to talk
Karam: Girl, my job is above my head
Nour: I hope you sit for a while. The matter is very important
Karam sat after Nour’s extreme stubbornness; she seemed very nervous
Karam: Speak, girl, why are you silent?
Nour: I want to tell you that the young man who came is the reason for everything that happens to me, so please tell me from where you know each other
Karam: I want you to know that what happens between you two does not matter to me
Noor: How do you not care??
A tear fell from her eyes, the cruelty of generosity was never out of place
Nour: How do you care?
Karam: You are my job above my head. I don’t have enough food for her. Do you understand? That young man is my brother. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. Recently, he asked me to leave him at home for two days.
Nour: You said your brother? Well, I understand
Karam: Are there any other questions? I have a soul
Noor: No, thank you
Nour felt a lump in her heart for a few seconds. She felt that her heartbeat was about to stop. What is all this cruelty? Why did the world turn black in her eyes in this way? What is the sin she committed to face a present and a bad future in this way? She could hardly stand on her feet. She grabbed the wall so as not to lose her balance. She headed to the bedroom. She grabbed a pen and paper and started writing letters in pain, her tears never leaving her cheek
Thank you for everything, Mr. Karam. Sorry for the noise I caused you. I didn’t want to be a reason to distract you from your work. I just wanted to tell you that your house and your brother are the reason for turning my life upside down. The house you left for your brother was the reason for my pregnancy and abandonment. About me for another woman Thank you again for not leaving me a prey to those idiots yesterday Thank you for bringing me home Goodbye I wish you happiness
She left the letter on the table, changed her clothes, and left Karam’s house. She became an easy morsel in the hands of fools again. The street became her home. She did not know where to go or who she thought of going to a friend of her age, perhaps finding a house to shelter her there, but she was rejected, as usual, and decided to search for a job; I agreed with one of the telecommunications companies to find a job for a suitable wage,,,,,
General Manager: Hello sir, I want to tell you that the girl came here a while ago
Ismat: Thank you
Manager: Don’t worry
Ismat ran quickly; he saw Nour sitting alone, her features lost, she lost her brightness; he approached her with slow steps, whispering in her ear.
Where did you go to meet you?
Nour was surprised by his presence and he was surprised that she did not scream but hugged him like a lost child happy with her father’s presence
Thank God you are back
Ismat: Why did you run away from the hospital, girl?
He ran his fingers through her soft hair
Nour: I did not run away. I will tell you the details later. Now I will start working
Ismat: There is no such thing as a job. We want to go from here and you want to tell me everything
Noor: Ok, okay.
Nour got into the car accompanied by Ismat; there was silence for a few minutes, then she was able to Ismat news of what happened
Noor: I will tell you, but promise not to do crazy things
He raised one of his eyebrows, as usual, and put one foot on another
Ismat: This would have been such a difficult issue
Nour: The hospital doctor made a mockery of me, and I don’t know what happened to you. I don’t know if I’m alive or dead.
Ismat never said a word; he pressed the car hysterically and accelerated; his facial features suddenly changed the color of his face turning red.
Nour: Ismat, how are you? What did you get? We died
Ismat: We got to my house and lock the door as you are. You don’t move until I come back
Noor: okay
Ismat: “In a loud voice.”
Nour went home, as Esmat asked, to go to the hospital urgently
Win the asphalt Majid
The nurse: I don’t know Al-Zahir when he has a meeting
Ismat: Where did he tell you without afflicting you?
The nurse: Room 12
Ismat opened the door to the room until he was almost yanked out of his place. He grabbed Majid by his armour
Majid: Are you crazy to leave my hand?
Ismat: Yes, I am crazy. I will kill you, animal. I will kill you, and I will not pity you
Majid: What did I do?
Ismat: I will tell you what you did
He got him into the car, tied his hands tightly, and headed home on the highway; Put him in a dark room, he can barely breathe
Ismat: “Whispered in his ear” This is going to be your grave. I understand, dog, what did I ask you? What did you ask that the girl recover and become well, and what was I equal to you?
He punched until his face bled completely
What are you doing, dog?? You are an animal or something, I swear, I swear to let the whole world talk about you, I swear to God that I hate you, your life, this is what I will be your grave, here you will die

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Part 18

Majid: Please don’t, she’s lying, I didn’t attack her
Ismat: I told you to shut up. I said that this is your grave. You have to get used to the situation
Ismat closed the door tightly and left Majed alone in that old hut
Ismat: The animal will not forgive you for this
His anger did not end yet, but rather increased with the passage of time. Ismat got into his car to find a call from Nour
Ismat: Yes Nour, what do you want?
Nour: I was worried about you. I just wanted to check on you. How are you?
Ismat: I’m fine Nour, I’ll be back in a little while, basically I have a lot to tell you
Nour: What are you going to tell me, I have been feeling sick since morning, not to mention the headache that does not go away. Is there no solution to this pain?
Esmat: We will solve it together, don’t worry
Noor: Ok, I’m waiting for you
Ismat: ok bye
As for Nour’s family, they are still mourning for Nour’s condition. Mother Aziza has prepared food. Everyone eats in silence, silent looks; lifeless atmosphere;
Aziza: What do I want to tell you, Hussein, by God, girls are forbidden. Please, I want to promote you, and God is forbidden
Hussein: Your life is forbidden to you, woman. I told you that I no longer have a daughter named Nour
Between a father and a mother, Nour Najwa sits in silence, checking her phone and her internet page. They told that Nour’s marriage had been canceled had spread like wildfire; Between the ridicule of some and the sympathy of others, even the scandal of her pregnancy was not limited to family members, but rather triumphed in the communication sites between her friends, her cousin Huda was the first to mole.
Najwa: But you, donkey, be ashamed. We are a family. O dog, a family. You don’t know what we mean by missing such shapes.
Aziza: What is it, girl, why are you imitating yourself?
Najwa: Nothing, mom, I’m going to my room
Hussein: Where? There is no way to go to the university from here, and there is no going out from the house. Do you understand that you are two children, and I do not understand you in another way?
Hussein left the house, his anger did not end, but he defeated him and was able to do so. His wife could not convince him to forgive his daughter and let her enter the door of the house again
Najwa: What are we going to do mommy, my phone hasn’t stopped calling since Nour entered the hospital
Aziza: “A sigh says a lot about a mother’s pain.” I don’t know, my daughter, I don’t know. Should I tell you, answer everyone who calls and say I cancel the wedding, or do I say ignore their calls, it doesn’t matter what people say in the meantime, all my concern is light, I know nothing about her since Today, Ismat called me a lot. He told me that she is fine, but I am a mother, or I need to see my daughter myself to reassure my heart
Najwa: We will see, mother, we will see how we can solve this matter about my father. I think he will calm down in the first and last. He is a father who cannot abandon his daughter….
As for the Ismat family, they did not accept the idea of ​​him leaving them because of Nour
Mother: Please, my Lord, and take care so that men become so far away that they will appear and go to see a dog that does not go away or come
Hoda Charda caressing her hair and talking to herself
Mother: I am with you, who am I talking to, girl?
Hoda: I didn’t hear why you were yelling, mom. What is my gene?
Mother: Why did your brother leave me in a state of mind with this slander? Why did our bell ring between the world and the people? Everyone is talking about us.
Hoda: Do not worry, my mother, who wants to say something, let him tell what we entered
Mother: I just want to understand from where you got this hallway, but I want to understand
Hoda: Where did she “refer to her heart”? Here, mom, haha
Mother: Ok, let me tell you the hall. I will knock, I will explode, Huda, by God, I will explode
Hoda: Hunt, mom, hunt
Ismat arrived home in a bad mood, but as soon as he saw Nour, his mood began to improve. He straightened up in his seat and sat next to Nour, saying:
Ismat: Nour, I want to tell you something important
Nour: Tell me what is there. Basically, I knew that I was talking about you
Ismat: What day do I want to go to ask for your hand from your family?
Nour: What is my family, what are you talking about, Ismat, my family no longer wants me. How do you want it to be worth this way?
Ismat: I want to hold your hand in front of us and enter the door from your house, according to the Sunnah of God and His Messenger
Nour: You don’t have to do such a thing
Ismat: Who told you that I am doing your job because I am forced to do so?
Nour: That would be what?
Ismat: Because I love you, Nour, I loved you from the first day I saw you

Nour: What do you say, Ismat, which marriage and which love? I have lost everything. My life is a ridiculousness
Esmat held Nour’s hand as if he was comforting her and wanted to remove the pain she was feeling
Ismat: Nour, I love you, I want you with me by my side, I do not slander about your condition, because in my opinion there is nothing to pity
Nour: Seriously, haha, it’s all right, and there’s nothing
Ismat: Nothing happened to this baby, who is in your belly, I will take responsibility for it
Nour: Here is the problem. You don’t want to take responsibility for something. You are not responsible for it. This is your fault, who must bear your responsibility. He left us and went for another time.
Ismat: I don’t care about this, or else they change.
my son
Nour: By God, I don’t know what I want to tell you
Ismat: Tell me, I don’t care if you don’t like me
Ismat was able to finally obtain Nour’s approval. His happiness is indescribable. Everything has become beautiful. His smile will not leave his lips after today, even if it is one-sided love. He is ready to wait for her. He is ready to face the pain of her presence beside him as a body only. But he is fully convinced that time will change everything, and what is said about him is affection and mercy. She will know the way to Nour’s heart to instill a new love in her heart, a good love that protects her and does not abandon her. house of light Nour prepared for the visit. She wore a floral dress, declaring that she was overcoming the past. She put on a calm make-up highlighting the features of her beautiful face, and eyeliner that highlights the clear blue eyes, like the serenity of the sea; Her honey-colored hair was beautifully styled in the meantime, Ismat knocked on the room’s door
Ismat: May I come in?
Nour: Of course, please, I finished almost everything, I’m ready
Ismat opened the door to the room, the silence was filled with steps, he approached Nour, he said in a voice filled with happiness and looks filled with passion
Ismat: You are beautiful
Noor smiled without realizing
Noor: Thank you for everything. You are really a good man
Ismat: Haha, don’t say that, my pride is broken
Noor: Uh-huh, why? Did I say something wrong
Ismat: No, but when you say this, I feel as if you pity me
Nour: Haha, stop nonsense. You are really a good-hearted man. I want to fall in love with you. Do you have a solution for this?
Ismat: Of course, there are many solutions. Haha, let’s go. It’s late. Did you tell your mother that we would come?
Nour: Yes, I told her, and she was happy. She told me that she would not tell my father anything until we got home
Ismat: It is better not to anticipate events
Nour: Ismat, I am afraid that my father will hurt you with his cruelty
Ismat: Don’t worry about me, I’m ready for everything
The cousins ​​went in the car, the minutes passed quickly, Noor became anxious and afraid. She was afraid for Esmat of her father’s reaction, and she was afraid of facing her father. After everything that happened, Noor arrived at the house, knocked on the door, Aziza opened the door and hugged her daughter so tightly, her longing almost killed her in pain.
Aziza: My love, how are you?
Noor is fine mom I miss you so much
Najwa: We also missed you, crazy woman. Come here to hug you
Ismat: Good evening, aunty, how are you?
Aziza: Come on, my son, you are welcome. You are fine. How are you? Come on
Ismat sat in the living room and the mother and sister grabbed Nour
Najwa: Are you really going to get married?
Aziza: Is that right? Answer me, girl
Nour: Haha wait, what are you ladies? Haha, yes we will marry. He asked for this and said that he loves me and wants us to marry. He is not pity or anything. He is in love with me.
Aziza: For you, I am from a boy. I knew that they were men and had an honor, not like this one, who was willing to marry him.
Ismat heard this hadith and drew a smile on his lips. How could he not wait so long for fate to smile at him and accept the light of association with him?
Nour: It’s enough, mom, oh, I don’t want to give you a biography of this rubbish. By God, I feel my condition. All the food you ate will come back.
Aziza: What are you going, mom, what are we going to be worth?
Nour: Behave with my mother, for God’s sake. By God, my heart will not be broken by her young man
Meanwhile, the door of Abet was opened, and Father Hussein came
Najwa: Oh dear, by God, will our resurrection take place
Nour: You are right, I am very afraid
Hussein: Oh my, where are you?
Ismat: hello uncle, can you sit down and talk for a while?
Hussein: For you, how are you, how do you miss my house? For sure, all of you are behind the woman.
Ismat: Uncle, I beg you to sit down. I want to talk to you, a story that is necessary
Hussein: What is wrong with you? I can tell you.
Ismat: I’m fine. I’m going to tell you what he brought me here. First you came to them to ask for your daughter’s hand in accordance with the Sunnah of God and His Messenger. She does not respond or respond. Now I know that you are violent and oppressed, and you have a right, because if I were in your place, I would have been gang-banged and you would have killed the dog, but now the issue has come out. Our hands and we are no longer worth anything that happened and this is your daughter, even if you convince yourself that you do not have a daughter, this is your daughter, and even if you throw away your conscience, it will not make you rest, and I don’t know what I will become if you stay on the street, so I want to tell you two words: I want the girl. So that I do the duty and the rules, even if I refused you and said that I did not have a girl, I would not be afraid of her and would marry her because I loved her, and even if I did not love her, I could not let my cousin live with this thing alone and bear the words of people. She was wrong, right, but we can’t fix the mistake by mistake
The father sat on the sofa and did not say a word. Five minutes passed in terrifying silence
Hussein: “He hit Ismat on the shoulder and smiled a smile that indicated his approval.” You are a good and respectable man. I will not say more than that. I agree.
Happiness pervaded the place, the sounds of ululations and laughter rising. Nour asked for forgiveness from her father, in turn, he forgave her and wished them happiness. Everyone agreed on a date for the marriage contract. The father did not ask. Rather, he did not insist on the necessity of his parents’ presence because he was aware of the nature of the relationship between the two families. The marriage contract was held a week later, and the wedding on the same day was a small and simple party between family and friends. After the ceremony ended, Nour called her family members with tears of joy and happiness. The newlyweds went to their house. sexy dress. Then I opened the door to the room; Ismat looked at Nour with strange looks. He entered the room and asked Nour to sit next to him
Ismat: Noor, we can talk a little
Nour: You have a time to tell, haha, are you kidding, right?
Ismat: listen to me for the last
Nour: I want you to hear me
Ismat: No, listen first, I will not hold you, and I will not allow myself until I hold your hands. Time. You do not want to be with me and your heart is with me. I do not want this thing. You want to be with me because you love me, and this thing will not happen between day and night.
Meanwhile, Hoda went out hanging out with her friends. She came across a young man on the road, and she was not expecting what would happen.
Hoda: To you and me, what am I equal to?
Her friend: You trampled the guy, girl, what do you not see in front of you?
Hoda: shut up, let me know what I want to do

Nour quickly ran towards Ismat Musket He patted him and started screaming
Nour: What does this mean, why did you marry me? Compassion?
Ismat: Nour, calm down. Don’t make a problem out of nothing. I told you earlier that there is no reason for me to pity you. On the contrary, it is my condition that calls for pity.
Nour: What is the meaning of what you are doing now? Give me an explanation, if you will allow marriage, as far as I know, it cannot be the way you want it
Ismat: Nour Sedqi, say what I want, it is difficult for you to present it to me now
Noor: Why?? Aren’t you female enough in your opinion?
Ismat: Haha, light is enough, I swear, I swear I’m doing a lot
Nour: You must understand me, because you are going to be disappointed. Why would we have married and lived together, if we want to be sisters
Ismat: You understand, let’s sit down to talk about what will happen like this, and cover yourself, then you will get sick, you will come.
Esmat brought a jacket covered by a shield of light
Ismat: Hear me well. Get out of your head. These thoughts have no meaning. I married you, because I love you, and nothing else.
Nour: Why would it be worth it?
Ismat: What are you doing?
Nour: Ask yourself, what is the condition of the newlyweds?
Ismat: Nour, I can’t be inside, I can’t be, and I don’t want you to be with me because you love me, not because we got married and it became an obligation
Nour: I just forgot that he is no longer there
Ismat: When I feel that you forgot him, I tell you, I want to sleep. Good night, my sweet.
Nour continued to console herself for what was happening. She did not accept Ismat’s refusal, but with the passage of time she began to adapt and tried to understand why he did this. He is a gentleman and his dignity does not allow him to be a passing stop in someone’s life, especially if that person is Nour. This is how Nour wakes up in the morning to prepare the food and shares fleeting moments with Ismat, who appears to be happy with the presence of Nour by his side, who brought him back the dose of hope that he had lost for many years, even if she did not share the same feelings with him. Nour’s brother called to tell her that he would return to the homeland in a few days. Her happiness She was old, and she will finally meet her brother, who left Damascus years ago
Ismat: I see that the smile found its way to your lips again. What is the reason for that, my dear wife?
Nour: I told your wife, haha, don’t make me make a mistake about you, for God’s sake. We are sisters. You are like you, like my brother, who is coming from outside.
Ismat: Haha, you have a shame. Don’t talk like this anymore. You will regret it, girl
Nour: You know the proverb that our sisters in Egypt tell us by saying, “Oh, the crow has gone to my mother.” Haha
Ismat: I told you that I am an evil woman, girl. It is enough for you to come out and talk to your husband, even if it is
Nour: What are you going, my husband, my brother, is it possible that he will visit us these days?
Ismat: Hello, your house is your home. There is no need for you to do my weight
As for Hoda, she began to pay the price for what she had done with Nour. She carried the young man she hit with her car to an ancient house in Damascus that belonged to her brother before he moved abroad.
Hoda: Take it with me quickly
Her friend: You are going to afflict us with misfortune. Why don’t you take the guy to the hospital now, so that you will die by our hands? What is the worth?
Huda: I swear, by God, I hit my head, and I stopped. Let me know. I think after a while, I will become a doctor. I mean, I will know how to help without taking me to the hospital for you.
I put him on the couch. She tried to heal his wounds. Fortunately for her, he wasn’t in a bad condition. An hour later, his temperature rose. As a natural response to the crash, she tried to put water compresses on his head as a way to lower his temperature; stayed by his side
Hoda: I think I’m fine, will tomorrow open my eyes?
Her friend: I swear you’re crazy what if he dies
Huda: He didn’t die. He didn’t die. Will I hear your silly words now, too, because he didn’t die?
Girlfriend: I will go I did not meet you and did not help you in this disaster
Hoda: Well, basically, I don’t want to see your face. Go
oh my god how did this happen why are you why what would happen if i woke up please don’t be mad at me this was the only way to save my life if my dad knew he would kill me
The young man began to slowly open his eyes
Hoda: Have you woken up, how do you feel? Answer me Yassin, are you okay?
Yassin: Who is Yassin, who am I, where am I?
Huda: Oh my God, did he lose his memory, my Lord? Don’t move, relax, don’t force yourself, you’ll remember everything later, don’t worry, I hit my car, I tried to help, I brought you here, how do you feel?
Yassin: I never remember anything
Huda: Well, it will get better, don’t worry. Can I bring you food?
Yassin: Yes, I am hungry
Hoda: Ok, stay here, don’t move, I’ll be back soon

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Part 19

Go ahead, I brought you pancakes and a glass of juice. Come on, try to sit down to eat
Yassin: Well, thank you
Huda: Pardon, this is my duty
Hoda remained beside him, contemplating his masculine features that she had always admired
Yassin: Why are you looking for me?
Hoda: Sure, why do you remember me?
Yassin: For you, I remembered myself so that I remember you
Hoda: I’m not going to see you tomorrow
Hoda kept thinking a lot until she found a diabolical idea that she did not care about what would happen. All that concerned her was to beat Yassin. The days passed quickly. Hoda did not leave Yassin. She hung her phone so that no one would call her. Huda escorting him there on their way home, Huda began to lure Yassin into talking
Hoda: What would the news be? You still don’t remember anything
Yassin: Don’t tell me who you are, why did you help me?
Hoda: Even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me
Yassin: Tell us to see
Hoda: I am your girlfriend and I am often single because you don’t remember me
Yassin: Haha, you’re kidding me, I don’t have a girlfriend
Hoda: How will you know whether you have it or not, and you are my people, even your name?
Yassin: I don’t know what this is
Hoda: I told you you wouldn’t believe, and this thing will make me single more
Hoda and Yassin went directly to his house to get too close to him
Yassin: I’m sorry, Hoda, do you know that I don’t remember anything better, but I feel that you are honest
Hoda: There is no need to be sorry, my love, I know that you are not remembering. It is enough for me to be by your side. This makes me happy.
Huda approached Yassin, in turn, he did not reject what she had done, but on the contrary, he was responsive; Huda glimpsed a sign on Yassin’s chest that suggested that he had been subjected to something bad, and whispered in his ear
Hoda: What happened with you?
Yassin: I don’t remember anything anymore. There is no time for this thing to leave me in the air so that I can forget this torment.
Hoda: Haha, it’s up to you, my love
Huda made a mistake that she will later regret. A man who betrayed the covenant once will inevitably betray again;
Hoda repeats Nour’s mistake in the same way
Months later, Nour’s birth approached, she and Ismat decided to travel because this might help her get rid of the anxiety of childbirth. The destination was Aleppo, the place that Nour loved. Her relationship began to improve with Ismat. It seems that her relationship began to regain its balance and began to fall in love with him. How not, and he was by her side at all times? times ; The clock indicates nine in the evening. Happiness fills the place with light, holding Ismat’s hand. She rests her head on his shoulders. Being next to him makes her feel safe. Meanwhile, the truck hit the car. Silence spread throughout the place. The car was covered in blood. Noor opened her eyes with difficulty, trying to comprehend what had happened. Ismat passed out. She tried to call an ambulance. The minutes passed quickly. The ambulance came to pick them up.
Doctor: Please madam, don’t worry, everything will be fine
Noor: Please don’t let him die I can’t live without him Don’t let him die
Doctor: Don’t worry, madam. I told you that everything will be fine, Ahmed. The woman seems to be giving birth to her baby. Come on quickly. The man is not breathing and seems to have fallen into a coma.
He follows

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Part 20

Nour: I said coma, will my husband die?
Doctor: Are you crazy, how can you say that her husband is in a coma, while she is listening, have you never heard of humanity, you idiot?
Doctor Wissam: Don’t yell at me, I’m not your nurse
Doctor: I am not a nurse, but in my opinion, if a nurse was in your place, he would not have done this. Anyway, we will not do this in front of patients. I carry the woman quickly to the hospital, she will give birth to her child shortly.
The ambulance carried Ismat and Nour urgently, Nour suffers from a severe crisis for fear of losing her husband
Noor: Please tell me, is my husband dead?
Doctor Wissam: Calm down, madam, your husband is fine
Nour: You’re lying, I heard you say coma
Wissam: A coma does not mean death, madam. Relax. You will have your child shortly. Relax so that you can give birth to him well.
Nour: I don’t want to die, I don’t want a child or anyone else. Remove it. I don’t want it
Wissam: How am I going to remove it, madam? You must relax so that we can get it out of your belly. You will die if you don’t give birth in an hour at the latest.
After taking roses, Wissam tried to convince Nour of the need to give birth to her child quickly
Wissam: Well done nurse, the lady is bleeding. Hurry up. If we don’t hurry, we will lose the patient
The nurse: her pressure is rising, sir
Wissam: We have to stop the bleeding, then the pressure will return to normal
The nurse: Well done sir, she is stable now
Wissam: Thank you, too. You did a good job. Thank God for your safety. Madam. Your child is fine. He is in good condition. Would you like to see him?
Nour: I don’t care about the child. I want to see my husband
Wissam: Madam, you are the strangest woman I have ever seen. You prefer your husband to your son
Nour: Yes, I am a stranger. Can I see my husband?
Wissam: Right now, you don’t have to rest
After many hours passed, Nour asked the doctor to allow her to see Ismat and to check on his condition; She sat next to him, trying to console herself
Nour: Please wake up Esmat, I can’t live without you, you are everything to me
Opening your eyes, I beg of you, what is in me?
Ismat was finally able to overcome his crisis and recovered after days of waiting
Nour: Thank God for your safety, my love. I miss you so much
Ismat: Hmm, I also miss my son’s wish to see you
Light: lava
Ismat: What is okay?
Nour: I’m fine, but what do you want to sleep in your room?
Ismat: My love, Jenan is enough. This is my son. This is how we agreed. I don’t want to feel embarrassed. This is my son.
Noor: huh okay
As for Huda, she is still living months of honey with Yassin, and he is still losing his memory until the time of this
end of flashback
Yassin feels remorse for the past and for abandoning Nour, but regret is useless in anything, because Nour left the past for the past.
Nour: With your permission, I will return to my work as I told you. I will provide you with details about my brother
Yassin: How could your brother do this to my sister?
Nour: In my opinion, you ask him how he came here
Yassin grabbed Noor by her arm tightly
Noor: What audacity is this, keep your hand away from me
Yassin: A lot.
With a look filled with disgust and disgust
Nour: Haha, you look like a hormone of confidence, you have a lot to lose because I feel like I will vomit after a while. He said I will die on him. He said, I will tell you one thing. Keep your head round. I asked you yesterday. They are men, and basically my brother is men, and he bears his responsibility. He is not like you. You are men, and in your life, you know what men mean.
She pulled her hand hard
Don’t touch me again or you will regret it very much
Noor left the room, her eyebrows raised
Raghad: Hello doctor, how are you?
Noor: Fine, thank you
She quickly went to her room, spread her legs on the desk and closed her beautiful eyes to get rid of Yassin’s words, which caused her mood swings. After an hour, Ismat went to say hello.
Ismat: Noor, wake up, stop sleeping
Nour: “She opens her eyes with difficulty.” Ismat Hello, has there been a problem?
Ismat: I don’t just want to remind you of the date of the session tomorrow morning
Nour: Ismat, stop this nonsense. I love you. We will not divorce. Enough
Ismat: I think we talked at length about this subject, so there is no need to talk again
Noor: “I sat near him holding his hand” Why do you want to abandon me?
Ismat: I’m not giving up on you, you know how much I love you, but I don’t want to continue in a fake relationship. I tried a lot to convince myself that you’re in love with me, but only today I saw that look that I had always been waiting for.
Noor: You are wrong, that idiot means nothing to me
Ismat: Anyway, I don’t want to talk about this anymore, so we’ll meet tomorrow
Ismat left Nour’s room and kept trying not to give in to everything that was happening. It seems that happiness does not know a way to her heart; she in turn left the hospital heading home.
Raghad: Hello Yassin, she is going home
Yassin: Ok, join her and tell me the details
Raghad: Ok, I will send you the address via WhatsApp
Yassin: Thank you
Raghad: But what will she do about her husband?
Yassin: Don’t worry about it, I know what I’ll do
The night passed quickly, Ismat did not sleep well, he kept thinking about the difficulty of the decision he had made about Noor
Ismat: What is it?
I do is right
He took a shower and changed his clothes and called Noor to no avail. She hasn’t been answering her phone since yesterday
Ismat: Why don’t you answer the phone, did you forget the appointment or what?
He left quickly heading to the hospital to ask about Noor if she was there
Ismat: Hello Hoda, did you not come across Nour this morning?
Huda: Good morning, how are you, my sister, there is nothing, by God, I have earned or will go crazy from behind the six Nour, I did not see, and I do not want to see, too, so well.
Ismat: Oh, I don’t have enough food for her. Can we tell you, then I’ll see you?
Huda: What is wrong with you?

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last part

the end
Fear began to control Ismat Nour. She does not answer the phone. Rather, the line is switched off. This is the message that Ismat receives whenever he tries to contact Nour; On his way, he met one of his colleagues
Yahya: Hello man, what is wrong with you, your face suggests that a misfortune has befallen you
Ismat: Don’t ask, man, I’m very worried to the max
Yahya: It is clear, but why what??
Ismat: I would very much like to tell you, but don’t take me, I have to go now, let’s meet later
Yahya: Well, may it be well, my friend
Ismat rushed home with his car, he kept calling Noor a lot, but to no avail
I beg you, answer me, Nour. We are not at home, not even in the hospital, where did you go? What do I want to say to Najwa, my aunt Aziza, and Uncle Hussein? Oh my God, and this person is calling now, what are you going to say?
Hello brother Ziyad, how are you?
Ziyad: I am fine, Abu Nassab, how are you and where is this calamity?
Ismat: “Oh, my Lord.” I don’t know. I haven’t seen her since yesterday in the hospital
Ziad: How is your wife not? Does a wife sleep outside her husband’s house?
Ismat: Ziyad, your sister is a doctor. You must have forgotten this thing. It is normal that she does not stay home. She often has a night shift, and this is normal due to the nature of our work.
Ziad: Well, for a while, I thought when I said, “You haven’t seen her since yesterday. Well, if I call you, tell her that I’m waiting for her in the café.”
Ismat: Well, say hello to the family
Ziad: Yes, please
What is this, O God, what happened to you, O Nour, I will go crazy, where are you?
In a warm family atmosphere, the Nour family gathers for breakfast
Ziad: Mom, I want to tell you something
Aziza: What do you prefer, my son?
Hussein: So that you want to get married, Sayeh
Ziad: OK, I’m going to say I want to get married while the bride is there
Aziza: Oh, God, I am happy for you, my son. I will see your children before he dies
Ziyad: I will not talk anymore. I am upset with you, my mother, and if God would keep you above our heads, you and my father
Aziza’s eyes cried, yes, they are tears of joy, joy weeps and sadness cries us. Our eyes are almost drowned out by tears whenever the heart flutters with joy that tickles the feelings, but soon those eyes shed tears with sadness and great pain.
Najwa: By God, I have grown up and become men, and you want to marry.
Ziad: Oh, what is the confidence, and who told you that it is Syrian?
Najwa: I have felt, I have felt, and I honestly feel a lot
Ziad: I don’t see it, huh, I’m going to see you later
Aziza: Wayne, my son, I have not finished eating you yet
Ziad: I want to see Nour
Aziza: oh okay
The whole family left Damascus immediately after Nour’s marriage and the birth of her child. The family could not overcome the misfortune that Yassin caused to Nour. The news of his leaving her, as the wedding approached, became on everyone’s lips. After that, Hussein decided to leave the country with his family, and Nour, in turn, accompanied her husband Ismat. They tried to leave the past to the past and continue. With their lives, but the past does not want to abandon them, it is chasing them for the second time
Esmat entered the house again to search for Nour, but in vain, he found their son lying on the sofa watching one of his favorite movies.
Maad: What are you doing, Dad, why did you turn off the TV?
Ismat: I don’t understand, don’t you have a university to go to? Why all this indifference?
Ma’ad: My father, I did not go to university for just one day. Why do you scold me in this way, as if you are venting your anger on me?
Ismat: Be straight in your seat, your father’s son
Maad: Haha, and is this a joke now, do you scold me or offend yourself if you are my father’s son, then this means that you were like this when I was young, then what is the problem, you are now a successful man, you got married, you gave birth to me, you are a skilled surgeon, the equation says that there is no fear for me, and in summary, there is no need to worry if you I go to college for a day or two lol
Ismat: Haha, funny, let’s go somewhere together
Maad: Where are you going, dad, please, let me watch the movie, then I’ll accompany you wherever you want
Ismat: I will change my clothes and come back. I do not want to repeat the words
Ma’ad: Oh, you’ve become annoying, Mr. Ismat. Can’t I watch a movie for two minutes in this house?
I also want to open the door for you, what is this life?
who ?
Ma’ad opened the door of the house, then he disappeared, and there was silence. Ismat returned from his room to escort his son out, but to believe the difficulty of the scene.
Ismat: Ma’ad, Ma’ad, Where are you? What happened to him?
Ismat started running here and there like a madman, sometimes holding the phone and leaving it at other times
Where are you, my son, who did this to you?
Ismat kept thinking about a solution to what was happening to his family, in the meantime he found a piece of paper on the floor
What is this who left this thing of this idiot doing all this to me who are you I would like to see your face for one time So I promise I will bury you alive
“Ismat checks the message.” I wish you a happy horse. Say goodbye to your son and your wife. Rather, my son and my wife who would have been my wife. I saw life like this, my friend. Soon things will be back to normal. Thank you for being by their side, but I am here from today on, uh, I wanted to tell you that nightwear fits. Nour so much I have been longing for you moments next to her I don’t hide a secret she is a sexy woman a man can’t resist himself by her side So I’m not angry with you I understand you Goodbye my friend Oh my ex-boyfriend
Ismat’s breath quickened, his heartbeat rose as if he was in a race, his temperature rose suddenly, as if he was going to pass out. He grabbed his fist and hit the woman so hard that the glass entered his hand.
I’ll kill you animal I’ll kill you if you touch it again I won’t take pity on you I swear no one can get you out of me this time I swear
Call Ziad urgently
Ziad, five minutes to be at my house, don’t be late, I’m waiting for you
Ziad: What is it, did you and Nour argue?
Ismat: Don’t ask too much. Come home quickly with Najwa. Come on. I’m waiting for you
Ziyad and Najwa arrived quickly at Ismat Tab’s house
Aa without telling Aziza and Khasin anything
Ziyad: You occupied our minds, Ismat, what happened to my sister, and what happened to me, so that something could happen with her, and you are not talking
Ismat: In fact, Nour was kidnapped and my son was also kidnapped a while ago. Come home. You will see everything in front of you.
After seeing blood on the doorknob, Najwa suddenly fainted
Ziad: Come on, take it with me inside. What is this misfortune that has befallen us?
Esmat and Ziad carried Najwa inside and put him in Nour’s room. Minutes later, Najwa woke up
Najwa: What happened?
Ziad: Stop, don’t move
Najwa started shedding tears as a little girl
What happened to my sister, what is this luck chasing after her
Ismat: That bastard was the one who kidnapped her and kidnapped my son too
Ziad: How did you know that he was the perpetrator?
Ismat: Leave a message for me
Ziad: What happened to your hand, why is it bleeding like this?
Ismat: Leave my hand and the like. I don’t care about anything now but finding my wife and son; Noor told me that you are the father of the child carried by that bastard’s sister
Ziad: Unfortunately, at first, I didn’t know that she was his sister, as you know. I spent years in London. I couldn’t even attend the engagement party. I couldn’t see his face. Even when my mother told me what happened, I wanted to kill him without pitying him. You won’t be able to understand my feelings even when she. We met and I fell in love with her. She didn’t tell me that she was his sister. I was even about to break up my relationship with her when I found out. Then I thought a lot about the matter. I found that punishing her for what her brother did was a great injustice. With my child now, I committed a sin and a mistake that I must correct and take responsibility for my mistake
Najwa: The girl you will marry is the sister of that bastard? Are you aware of what you are saying, do you know what my sister has experienced because of him? For addiction and to stay in the street for days and for people’s words that were like an arrow that stuck in her chest every time If it wasn’t for Ismat and standing in the face of his family, my sister would have been dead now and locked up in a mental hospital if it wasn’t for Ismat who was beside her and supported her and helped her out of her ordeal and helped her To overcome her crisis and resume her studies until she was able to be a successful doctor and was able to make the mouths of petty people shut forever. You come after all this and say that you will marry the sister of that dog. I can’t believe. Do you think that my father and mother will accept this situation? It is impossible. It is impossible if you do something like this. Consider that you don’t have a sister anymore
Ismat: All right, Najwa. No time to talk. We want to meet Noor first. We will tell you about all these things.
Najwa: Well let’s find my sister first, then we’ll see what we can do
Ziad: Why don’t you call the police? Why do we stand idly by? This is how I’m going crazy
Najwa: It’s clear
Ziyad: It is enough for you to throw Haki, Najwa, by God, there is no room for you
Najwa: Of course, of course
Ismat: Guys, even if it doesn’t happen, we are in trouble. You must keep your food busy until we find a light. You and she quarrel with each other. We can’t call the police because this guy is crazy. We don’t know what’s possible. We just want to think in another way. Think with me and that’s enough for you.
Ziad: Where can this idiot go?
Ismat: As far as I know, people are here, and you will also be waiting for someone who can help us
Hello Hoda, start you at home a little while, can you come?
Huda: I don’t have time for my brother’s shift in two days
Ismat: You just want to go home, bye
As for Yassin, Nour is held in a place that is impossible for a creature to imagine, sitting on the sofa.
Yassin: Of course, my darling, she asks why she is here. I told you that she will kill you a lot
Nour: I miss you, my stomach is swallowing everything I see you. It is impossible for what you want to happen. Oh, I love my nut, and you can’t change. This thing got into your head and my son came back to walk?
Yassin: Did you hear what your mother says, Maad, that I am trying to be calm and calm, but she is forcing me to use violence? You said your son, this is our son, my love, or did you believe that I believed in a lie that your child had aborted haha, he is 18 years old, the same time you were pregnant with our child, do not let me doubt your intelligence, my love
Nour: I miss you again. My memory is empty. I don’t remember anything about you. I even pity myself from the days I fell in love with you. I mean what I say literally. My memory is empty since the day I married Ismat. A little while since the day we parted, I have nothing but a feeling of nausea for you
Meanwhile, Raghad entered, and she heard everything that was said, contrary to what Yassin had told her, that this woman was the reason for the death of his lover, and he wanted revenge, after which they married; Raghad felt betrayed and stupid. I felt that he used her to achieve what he wanted
Raghad: You are an animal, how could you manipulate my feelings and take advantage of this shape?
Yassin: stop, I will explain everything to you
Raghad: What are you going to explain, I will call the police now and tell them everything
Yassin: stop, I said stop
Pick up a gun and put it on her head
I saw, you don’t have to piss me off, you know my anger is bad, come on, put the phone out of your hand, come on, well done, beautiful, well done.
Nour was astonished by what she saw. She did not imagine that Yassin had become this way, the man she loved one day, he turned into a monster in
What’s wrong, my little girl, did I scare you? Don’t be afraid, Noor, you are my love, I can’t do any harm to my love
Everyone held their breath at this point
Huda arrived at her brother’s house
Hoda: Hello, what do you want, Ismat, why did you call me? What do you want with her?
Ismat: After that, I will tell you, do you know a specific place for you to go to, this animal, Yassin?
Hoda: Where do I want to know who I am?
Najwa: We know that you have been in a relationship for many years. There is no need to hide the issue. It is important to talk
Huda: My brother, I came to your house because it is your house, but like these chocolates.
Ismat: My sister Yassin kidnapped my wife and my son. Help me beg you, where can he go?
Hoda: I don’t know
Ismat: I know that you hate her a lot for Norbus, please, don’t let hate blind your eyes. This crazy person can kill her.
Huda: I have not been in a relationship for a long time, neither from near nor from afar
Ismat: Just what?
Huda: Yesterday I heard Raghad uncle
You get confused with the telephone, when you get close to listening to her, you hear her saying that Lika is coming out of the hospital, and what do you want her husbands worth in the first place? I didn’t understand, but now I understand, so she helped you until they were kidnapped with some nuts?
Esmat went to the hospital urgently
Ziad: Wait, I’ll go with you
They rushed together to the hospital to ask Ismat about Raghad’s address. He took it and went home. He didn’t knock on the door, but broke it. He grabbed his pistol in his hand and entered to find Yassin holding a light and pointing the gun at her head.
Ismat: Leave her, don’t be stupid, what she did is enough for the hour
Yassin: You took it from me once and you will not take it again
Ismat: You took it, you abandoned it, did you forget so quickly? Do you blame me for not being man enough to take responsibility?
Yassin: And I’d rather die and take her with me than leave her for you
Meanwhile, Raghad grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed Yassin, who in turn fired a bullet in Nour’s stomach directly under a sad scene; Everyone is in shock, Ismat’s tears are falling.
Ismat: What did you do, dog? You will pay for this, I promise
Nour: Ismat, do not forget that I loved you. I did not love anyone but you. You are the only one who gave my life meaning. I love you and I will love you even after my death.
Ismat: stop this, don’t say this, you will live my life without you meaningless, believe me, no meaning, I will not abandon you, I will not allow you to leave
Ismat called an ambulance quickly. The ambulance carried Nour and Yassin to the hospital
Ismat: Please save her life. Please, I can’t live without her
Najwa also came to the hospital, Aziza and Hussein, the place is silent, as if they are at a funeral
Aziza: How did this happen to my daughter? How why oh my God why?
Ismat: Calm down, aunty, you will recover, a strong light will not abandon us
Four hours later
Doctor: Ismet, can we talk a little?
Ismat: Tell me about not telling introductions, and I swear I can’t stand it
Doctor: Your wife has both kidneys damaged. We tried to stop the bleeding, but she needs a kidney transplant as soon as possible
Meanwhile, the news of Yassin’s death came, who suffered a strong hemorrhage, which was not good enough to live
Ismat: How does this happen, how, why, why?
Najwa: My poor sister, take my kidneys, please kill me so that she can live. I cannot imagine my life without her.
Ziad hasn’t said a word for hours
Doctor: Dr. Esmat your friend passed away
Ismat: The last thing that interests me at this time is that bastard
Doctor: But you must listen to me until I finish
Ismat: Speak up
Doctor: There is consensus that it turns out that he was crying to save your wife’s life, but of course we need his family’s approval
Ismat: It is impossible that I will not enter into my wife’s body anything related to that bastard
Doctor: You have to choose between her life and your self-esteem
Ismat: The issue is not a matter of self-esteem. I cannot agree to something like this
Aziza: I am her mother and I agree with what you said, Doctor
Doctor: We need the approval of her husband, madam
After a long time, Ismat was persuaded of the necessity of agreeing to the operation, and Yassin’s sister signed the approval in turn, to undergo Nour’s operation
Ziad: Thank you for agreeing, Esmat, thank you very much
Ismat: Nour’s life is more important than anything
Maad: You are not my father, how could you deceive me for so long?
Ismat: Believe me, my son, you are my son, no one can love you more than me.
Ziyad: It is true, Maad, do not doubt Asmat’s love for you. If it was your real father, he would not have loved you in this way, and this is not the right time for this.
The client lasted for hours, 12 hours passed, after which the doctor came out
Ismat: Reassure me, Dr. Blaise
Doctor: Nour is fine, thank God for her safety. Soon she will wake up
Esmat: Can I see her?
Doctor: Of course
Ismat went to Nour’s room, holding her hand and caressing her hair
I miss you crazy I miss your stubbornness and your quarrel with me I can’t live without you you are my life if you want to leave take me with you there is no taste of life without you
Nour: “She opened her eyes and put her hands on his head.” I love you, stubborn one. How dare you ask for a divorce.
Ismat: You recover first, then do whatever you want
Noor: I will promise that you can hug me
Ismat: Haha, of course, madam
The whole family met. The woman found her way back to their house again. Raghad was arrested, and Ziyad was able to convince everyone that he should marry his girlfriend. There is no fault in her that her brother is a scoundrel. In addition to this, her signature enabled Nour to perform the client and restore her health. Huda began to accept Nour as the wife of a brother who is still there. sensitivity between them, but things will slow down gradually; Ismat decided to rebuild a good relationship with his parents after years of estrangement, and they respected his decision
Things are back to normal and everyone is back to work and normal life

the end


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