short novel : Dalal’s Thoughts between Pain and Hope Section 1

short novel : Dalal’s Thoughts between Pain and Hope


Story Section 1

Thoughts of Dalal : Part 1

She woke up from her deep slumber looking between the walls of her cold room for something that would lead her to leave this miserable, dark room full of sorrows, hoping that she might find her way toward a bright tomorrow that would bring a smile back to her lips. Her life, or rather a part of her life, by leaving her sad past in all its details and drawing a future away from the fear that had always been her companion, but to no avail, so she quickly recovered her grief tape … Dalal was a life-loving, dreamy, ambitious twenty-year-old, studying medicine at the university, she lived a love story described as violent. She got to know Ahmed, a fighter young Egyptian graduate from a university majoring in commerce whose relationship lasted 4 years until they decided to marry and start a family One winter day, Dalal met Ahmed at a Cairo restaurant, who witnessed Dalal and Ahmed’s love affair Ahmed: Hello dear, what is the news? Dalal: Fine darling, the news is there Ahmed: I would like to tell you that tomorrow I will bring my parents to ask for your hand. Are you ready? Dalal: Are you kidding me right? How is it possible to be ready in 24 hours? I’m really crazy Ahmed: No, my dear, I have not gone mad yet, but it seems to me that you are the one who will lose me my senses Haha. I will bring my parents only to ask for your hand and not for the wedding ceremony any preparations you talk about, crazy Dalal: Oh my dear, will I meet your parents in pajamas? Ahmed: I do not mind, you are beautiful in all your cases, my little one Dalal: I am really mad. I am speaking seriously. Please leave the joking aside a little. I have to buy a suitable dress and prepare the table and other details, and this cannot be completed in one day, oh idiot Dalal: Oh my Lord, how important have you become? Do what you want within 24 hours, no more, no less, hahahaha, bye, dear, see you tomorrow (Ahmed went and let Dalal eat herself, Hahaha) Dalal: You stupid, I don’t know how to live with your murderous coldness under one roof Dalal called her twin soul, Basma, to help her with all the details. They went together to a store. Dalal chose a floral dress that was suitable for her white skin color, beautiful figure, and honey eyes with an innocent look full of love and life. She slept for a few minutes and spent the night thinking about her lover and their pink life together. Dalal added the house and prepared Ahmed’s favorite dishes, all this and that within a few hours, until the hour of settling seven in the evening knocked on the door of the house and the heartbeat of Dalal rose with him. Here is her lover fulfills his promise For her to complete their love journey together, it was a relationship characterized by a lot of chastity, a lot of shame and a lot of love. They always wanted their relationship to culminate in marriage. Their dream is simple, like other lovers.

Thoughts of Dalal: Part 2

(Dalal’s father opened the door of the house to open a door with him as long as you waited for him) Ahmed: Hello, Uncle Omar, how are you all? Omar: Hello son, happy with your presence. Please come inside. Oh hello brother Saeed (father Ahmed) how are you? Ahmed talked to me a lot about you Saeed: Thank you. Praise be to God. He also told me about you (The two families engaged in conversation and sermon, Omar did not talk about the dowry and so on, as he respects the privacy of his daughter and trusts her choice and does not want to make things difficult for Ahmed) Saeed: What do you say, brother Omar, about your daughter’s dowry? Omar: Forget this, man. Let this matter be left to the newlyweds, as they know their affairs Saeed: Are you kidding me, O Abu Dalal, how is it possible for what you say? Do you have no conditions ?? What do you think of this, O Mother of the Bride? Listen to your voice, Haha Mother: By God, there will be no words after the words of Omar Omar: My only condition is to take good care of my daughter, for she is the apple of my eyes in life Ahmed: Don’t worry, uncle, in my eyes Mother-in-law: Whatever you choose, God wills, Ahmed. The girl is very beautiful and tender. May God complete good Mother: Taslima (Dalal’s cheeks blushed with embarrassment and her joy was hardly hidden) “The meeting ended between the two families. They set a date for the books of the book and said goodbye to some of them. Dalal smiled to her fiancé a gentle smile as if she wanted to thank him for fulfilling the promise. The family members gathered over a cup of tea after Ahmed and his family went Father: So my spoiled little girl decided to move away from her father and go to another man Dalal: Dalal’s face was red again, she lowered her head and could not look at her father’s face (it is true that she has a special relationship with her father, for he is the tender chest who has no other refuge when her chest is tight, yet she is afraid to speak with him about matters of engagement and marriage) Mother: Well, Omar, let the girl, like Dalal, join me. I want you in something special Dalal: Well, mom Mother: I want to talk to you about something that bothered me so much Dalal: Is it Ahmed ??? Mother: You are quite a smart girl, and I think that Omar agrees to marry him Dalal: Ok? Do I understand from your words that you do not agree? Mother: Honestly, no, and I do not see good in this marriage, please, and I have never felt comfortable with it, and I trust a lot of my intuition, so I say to remove the idea of ​​marrying this young man from your head and search for another groom Dalal: Please do not do this to me, mom, you know how much I love him and I cannot live without him, for it is everything to me and you did not give me a convincing reason in addition to that. You were happy a little while ago and I spoke with his mother for many hours and you looked on your face features of happiness What changed Do you think all of a sudden ??? I’m not a child, tell me Mother: (Loudly) Don’t underestimate. Come on, pick up the phone. Now, I said what I have to say and you are going to do what you have to do. Come on, call Dalal: (With a tearful eye and an almost dead voice) Please, I beg you, my mother, do not do this to me. The date of the marriage ceremony has been set, and everything was fine. Why are you doing this now ???? Mother: I told you now (I picked up the phone and called) well, the matter ended here, let the rest be upon me

Thoughts of Dalal: Part 3

Dalal went to her room crying, lamenting her fortune, wondering what her mother did, as she did not expect an end like this for her story with Ahmed. She never imagined that her mother would stand in front of her choice someday, but unfortunately this is what happened and she has no trick.
Dalal paid a dearly price for her love. She never crossed her boundaries with her lover, as she preserved her chastity and her family’s upbringing of her. That is why she suffers from disappointment, she spent the night thinking and her tears did not leave her, the phone is in her hands, but she cannot call him or even justify what happened, no She can stand up to her mother, she cannot stand before her, and to stand up to her. Love sometimes calls for honor. It requires sacrifice, but Dalal does not have enough courage, so she chose to remain silent and not risk losing her mother, as she knows very well that the choice between Ahmed and her mother requires a great sacrifice and it also requires sacrifice for all family members. The time refers to four in the morning. He did not blink for a delicate eyelid. She thought her father was preparing for the morning prayer, but the sound was coming from the living room Mother: Rest assured, I said so that the matter is over, there is no need to worry, bye Dalal froze in her place, and wondered a lot about whether the issue was related to her. She decided to go to her mother and force her to explain everything, but soon her sister Samia caught her and prevented her from recklessness Samia: Come here, crazy. What do you think you are doing? This will only help a slap in the face for you to get back from this Turkish series that you live in. Do not hesitate. Stop crying. Dalal: Leave me, she has to explain everything. Why is it interfering with my life and spoiling it. She has no right to my hand, even if my mother, any mother, this mother is happy for the joy of her children and grieves for their grief. As for what you do but my hand and the separation between me and the one I love, so that she refuses to give me a reason to reject him suddenly, and now at four in the morning I hear her whisper on the phone as if she is planning something, let me go to take off my spine Samia: Dalal, listen to me and use your mind once. You will never explain anything. Enough of nonsense Dalal: Ok, talk Samia: I think that my mother planned everything from the beginning, so you must wait so that in order to understand what is going on, did you not notice that she did not interfere with anything last night ?? And this is not the nature of my mother, whom I know, can not speak about the dowry or other details She must be hiding something from the start, so wait a moment to understand what is going on


Thoughts of Dalal: Part 4

Dalal: I sat near the bed and teared her not stopping. Samia: Stop crying Dalal, don’t do this, don’t cry, as I am not a little girl Dalal: What kind of douche you are talking about. Your mother killed everything beautiful inside me. I am dead. I no longer want to live Samia: Stop all this nonsense. I’ll sleep a little. Go to sleep. It’s morning Dalal: Okay, Nami The time refers to ten in the morning. Ahmed woke up, heading to the living room, drinking a cup of tea and reading the morning newspaper. Ahmed did not give any importance to Dalal’s words. He thought she was kidding and wanted to make him crazy. He did not imagine that she was serious about her words, so he picked up the phone to check on her condition Ahmed: Good morning my love, how is my love? Why don’t you answer the phone? Dalal: Ahmed, did you not understand what was going on? I decided to separate from you, and I told you this yesterday. Why are you calling now? Ahmed: Stop joking, prepare quickly. We meet in half an hour. I would like to see my fiancée first so that my mood improves and secondly because I miss you girl Dalal: enough; I am not joking and I am not in a good mood until I am joking Please do not call me again. The subject is over. Accept this. Please do not make the subject more difficult for us, and I am not with your fiancée (I closed the phone in Ahmed’s face) He was shocked by what was happening and from Dalal’s reaction yesterday, she was happy, and he asked for her hand, her family agreed, and the date of the book books was set. He kept thinking a lot about whether his mother had offended her in some way because there was no reason for her to separate. Ahmed: What is going on? I do not understand anything (he hit his palm on the table and exploded in anger after he thought that all this was a joke) In the meantime Um Ahmed came to him. Mother: Ahmed, what is going on, son? Why do you talk to yourself like crazy? What do I see that you are angry? Ahmed: Good morning, mom. Nothing. I don’t think it matters Mother: How is nothing? Did you not see your face in the mirror? I am a mother and you cannot hide anything from me because I feel that there is something wrong with me. What are you hiding from me? Ahmed: Do not worry, mom. I told you there is nothing. I would just like to ask you about something. Did something happen between you and Dalal yesterday ?? Mother: So the problem is Dalal. I was sure of that. No, nothing happened between us. On the contrary, I liked it a lot and liked her kindness. It seems that she is a very polite girl. But was she the one who told you that a problem happened between us ?? What is going on, son, you preoccupied my mind Ahmed: (lowered his head and his eyes were filled with sadness, and he went outside) Mother: Ahmed Ahmed Wait, don’t go, son, answer me (No response, Ahmed went out and left his mother confused) She went to her daughter’s room, Zainab, the younger sister of Ahmad.) Mother: Wake up, stop sleeping, Zainab Zainab: Leave me to sleep, mom. It’s still early. I have a long day at university Mother: (I removed the cover from her) I said to stop sleeping, wake up Zainab: Ooooof, why are you doing this, mom, even sleeping in this house is forbidden Mother: Stop the chatter and listen to me that your brother was angry and asked me something about his fiancée, I think they quarrel Zainab: Oh dear mother, how curious you are, and what do we have with this ?? Mother: Oh my God, with whom I speak, what is this coldness? I tell you that your brother has a problem with his fiancée, whom we asked for her hand for the thu. This is not a normal thing. Are you aware of the importance of the matter Zainab: I realize only one thing is that you spoiled my sleep because of trivialities that never matter to me. I am with my brother and his fiancée. I have really gone crazy, mom. Close the door and let me continue my sleep.


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